Hello world! – Post 1

I have been a pharmacist since 1995. I have practiced in many settings from hospital, home infusion, and community settings ranging from the inner city to very rural locations. One thing I have noticed in all these settings is people really want to improve their health and wellness. Sadly, the entire traditional medical system however is geared toward treating symptoms not healing the underlying conditions.

As a pharmacist people come to me for advice. In most cases they just don’t understand why they really need the particular treatment regiment that the doctor has prescribed and they just don’t understand that there are ways to reduce or even eliminate the need to take the medications. Additionally, no one has ever discussed with them how they can prevent many of their medical conditions in the first place.

That brings me to today and why I started AskPharmacistKeith.com. I want to provide an avenue to educate my clients on proper nutrition and supplementation. I want to provide them with excellent high quality products so I can help them improve their health, wellbeing and enjoyment of life.

To accomplish this I have teamed up with Dr. Joel Wallach DVM ND of Dead Doctors Don’t Lie and Dr Erika Duffy a Certified Holistic Counselor to educate my clients on the benefits of nutrition and supplementation and to provide the complete line of Youngevity quality products.

Initially I got involved with Youngevity because I wanted to offer a line of high quality products to my clients. Once I began to investigate Youngevity in more detail I became excited by the tremendous potential to develop long-term, walk-away, residual income. The Youngevity support team has supplied excellent training and marketing programs.

I am able to realize the benefit of excellent tax deductions, control over my financial destiny, the ability to improve my health and my families’ health, and the satisfaction of helping others improve their lives physically and financially.

Youngevity provides training programs such as conference calls and webinars, and the tools to track and manage my down line associates without the hassles of large inventories, maintaining office facilities or sophisticated bookkeeping. I would like for you to share in this exciting opportunity.

Thanks for taking a moment to visit my site. As an expression of my gratitude I will send you a CD on health, nutrition and longevity by Dr. Wallach titled “Have You Heard”. Just click here to complete the form and I will get it out to you right away.

Keith Abell, RPh MI

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