Tools for Positive Thought – Post 002

Have you been practicing speaking to yourself in a positive way? Yes, today we are going to talk about positive self talk. It’s one of the most important success strategies anyone can learn, and it doesn’t come naturally to most of us, so here we go!
Take out a piece of paper and quickly write down three really positive statements about yourself.
Don’t think too hard about it, just do it…now!
When you find yourself reverting back to your old “negative self” language, stop and consider how this affects you and your motivation. It’s so easy to tell yourself how badly you did, how you do not deserve this, and how you are just not strong enough. Consider this: would you talk like this to a friend or family member? Of course not! So, why are you talking to yourself this way?
This is a very powerful question for you to consider.
Keith Abell, RPh MI
Pharmacist – Executive Recruiter
If I can help you eliminate your two largest monthly expenses would it be worth 45 minutes of your time?

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