6 Ways To Boost Your Website Sales – Post 006

The very first thing to do when launching your website is to make sure to understand and apply a few basic rules that, in my opinion, are MUST DOs for any profitable website. Enjoy!

  1. Choose the right domain name for your website. Websites with a good domain name are easier to remember and trust. The right domain name should have the .COM extension, should be short (one or two keywords), English language, and somehow related to the product you sell.
  2. Focus on the content, easy navigation and logical flow instead of making your website cute. Don’t include pop-up messages. Increasing demand for pop-up blockers suggests that you will annoy a lot of visitors if you have this feature.
  3. Design your website around a theme. Clearly state what you are about on the top of the page. Don’t confuse readers with links all over the copy. Provide information on the website that helps visitors solve their problems. Build a case for your business that leads reader to conclude that you are the only business for them; irrespective of the cost.
  4. Give visitors some reasons to come back to your website – like free newsletters, monthly specials, etc. Keep the content fresh and add/delete pages regularly. This will keep your information up-to-date and help you get better search engine ranking.
  5. Identify keywords that are important for your business, and use them in your copy. It may make sense to have one page per keyword. Include keyword in the title tag, as well as in the page description tag. Use them in plurals also, when it makes sense. You can check Google, Bing or other search engines for keyword options at no cost.
  6. Search engines do not index images, thus any text presented as image will not help you with your web presence.
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