Self Confidence! – Post 033

Self confidence refers to “assuredness in your own self worth, abilities and power.

If you feel that you are worth anything that you are accomplishing or going after then you have the confidence to succeed. The lack of self worth drags us down because if we don’t feel like we deserve anything we don’t feel that we are good enough. This all boils down to a lack of self worth.   Typical Behaviors of People with Low Self Confidence

  1. Undervaluing what you are capable of. Feeling like you have a lack of education, lack of physical abilities, don’t have the right connections, don’t live in right place, don’t have the looks, lack assertiveness, and more
  2. Taking blame for something even when it’s not your fault.
  3. being overly shy and reserved. You don’t feel like you have something worthwhile to say.
  4. overly critical of self
  5. hung up on poor outcomes in past.
  6. Pre-occupied with negative outcomes.
  7. fearful, adverse attitude toward most things. Like a naysayer, always something bad to say.
  8. Continually doing things to please others. Doesn’t take care of self needs because always worried about the happiness of others.

My next post will lay out some steps to overcome these and gain confidence.
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