Jim Rohn’s 6 steps to living a good life. – Post 050

Jim Rohn’s 6 steps to living a good life.

  1. Productivity – if you don’t produce you won’t be happy.
  2. Good Friends – the greatest support system in the world
  3. Spiritualaty – Study, practice and teach what you believe in
  4. Don’t Miss Anything – Dont miss the small stuff.
  5. Inner Circle – Family; Take care of them, they will take care of you. Inspire them, they will inspire you.
  6. Ask for Gods help – we have a chance as human beings to participate in the miracle process.

Keith Abell, RPh MI
Pharmacist – Senior Executive Marketing Director


Don’t give up – Post 049

TODAY’S WORD from Joel and Victoria

Oftentimes, when we have a dream in our heart, we start off strong. We head down the path toward our goal, and we’re so excited! But along the way, we hit some roadblocks and encounter some adversity. Many times, people will just give up and take the easy way out. But we have to remember, it’s not how we start that counts; it’s how we finish. Anybody can be fired up at the beginning, but I’m encouraging you to stick with it until the end! Have the determination to go all the way through. Don’t stop at the halfway mark just because times are tough. Don’t quit because you don’t see anything happening. The scripture tells us not to walk by sight, but to walk by faith.
Today, if there’s a dream in your heart, something you’re believing for — a relationship to turn around, a business opportunity or to overcome an addiction — keep pursuing it! Run your race to win the prize! Don’t settle until you see the fullness of what God has placed in your heart. As you stand strong in your faith, I believe God will pour out His favor and blessing upon you, and you will see the victory He has in store for you!
Keith Abell, RPh CIP MI
Pharmacist – Marketing Director

Mission Impossible – Post 047

Most of the things worth doing in the world were said to be impossible before they were done.” Jurist, Louis Brandeis

Your action for today is to see if there is something that you would like to do or have that seems impossible at this time. If it is something worth doing or having, set it as a goal and take the first action towards achieving it.

Have an extraordinary day!

Keith Abell, RPh MI
Pharmacist – Senior Executive Marketing Director


Thinking about the future – Post 045

“If you do not think about the future, you cannot have one.” 
Journalist, John Gale

Your action for today is to spend 5 minutes thinking about one of your goals or dreams.

Have an extraordinary day!

Keith Abell, RPh MI
Pharmacist – Senior Executive Marketing Director

Freedom – Post 044

untitledOwning a home based business allows you to:
  • Save gas and Cuts out your Commute Time.
  • Spend More time with your Family or Doing what you Love.
  • Be The Boss, Set your own Goals, Hours and Expectations.
  • Receive Real Reward for the Work You Do- the money goes into your pockets.
  • Flexibility- Escaping the 9-5 and Live Life How YOU Want To.
  • Get Tax Benefits- Home is Your Office, The Deductions Possibilities are Endless.

Thousands of people just like you are experiencing these benefits daily. Isn’t it time that you did too? Don’t let another wasted day go by, contact me today.

Keith Abell, RPh MI
Pharmacist – Senior Executive Marketing Director

Beware of the Smoke and Mirrors – Post 043

Network Marketing is NOT a get rich slow profession.
No matter what they tell you!
Build a stable business for the long haul.
You won’t regret it.
Beware of the smoke and mirrors…this takes time…and work. But it’s worth it!
Keith Abell, RPh MI
Pharmacist – Senior Executive Marketing Director

Get That Prospect Off Your List – Post 042

By Geoffrey James

August 12th, 2009 @ 11:30 am

Congratulations! You’ve got a real live prospect on the line. Your first task is to start selling, right? WRONG! At the very beginning of the sales cycle, your most important task is to find out if you can eliminate the prospect completely from your to-do list.

Yes, you heard me correctly.

Many sales pros (particularly novices) are so thrilled simply to be talking to a real live prospect that they don’t want to burst the happy bubble. So they pretend that the mere fact that a prospect has shown a little interest (by not hanging up) means that they’re a potential customer.

Nothing could be further from the truth. There are at least half-a-dozen reasons a prospect might show interest but never buy. For instance, the prospect may:

  1. feel bored or lonely and just want to talk to somebody.
  2. hope to have the offering…someday in the far future.
  3. be looking for a catspaw to play against your competitor.
  4. be confused about their firm’s real needs.
  5. think your pricey offering fits within their teeny budget.
  6. be looking for new contacts for a future job hunt.

Look, the last thing that you want to do with your valuable time is to waste it on somebody who’s NOT going to buy.

So it’s a BIG WIN for you whenever you eliminate a prospect from your to-do list. And it’s an even BIGGER WIN if you can do this within the first five minutes of talking to the prospect. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Do they really need your offering?
  • Is the financial impact big enough to justify a purchase?
  • How do they buy this kind of product?
  • Do they have a budget or can one be secured?
  • What’s their time frame for addressing this issue?
  • Who says “Yes” and who can say “No”?

If you can’t get a decent answer — or a process to get an answer — to any of these questions, then you’re WASTING YOUR TIME.

On the other hand, if you can get answers — or a process in place to get those answers, you’ve got a real opportunity.

But let’s be clear: if that prospect ain’t gonna buy, you wanna exit ASAP.


The Key to Authentic Leadership – Post 041

The key to authentic leadership is to listen to your followers, and then open the door for them to lead themselves. The secret is empowerment. The main incentive is genuine caring and recognition.
  • The five most important words a leader can speak are: “I am proud of you.”
  • The four most important are: “What is your opinion?”
  • The three most important are: “If you please.”
  • The two most important are: “Thank You.”
  • And the most important single word of all is: “You!”

This week, be generous in your use of words that nurture trust in you as a caring leader.

Denis Waitley