Beware of the Smoke and Mirrors – Post 043

Network Marketing is NOT a get rich slow profession.
No matter what they tell you!
Build a stable business for the long haul.
You won’t regret it.
Beware of the smoke and mirrors…this takes time…and work. But it’s worth it!
Keith Abell, RPh MI
Pharmacist – Senior Executive Marketing Director

One thought on “Beware of the Smoke and Mirrors – Post 043

  1. Nice post! People are lead to believe, because it's been done quickly, by a select few, that network marketing can be a get rich quick thing. However, I am of the belief that if you have a great product, a great company, and a reputable source then there is no need for it to be a sprint. I choose to look at it as a marathon not a dash.

    Also, this approach, in my opinion, will lead to less “pressure” sales and more time to actually develop relationships.


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