Beware of the Smoke and Mirrors – Post 043

Network Marketing is NOT a get rich slow profession.
No matter what they tell you!
Build a stable business for the long haul.
You won’t regret it.
Beware of the smoke and mirrors…this takes time…and work. But it’s worth it!
Keith Abell, RPh MI
Pharmacist – Senior Executive Marketing Director

Get That Prospect Off Your List – Post 042

By Geoffrey James

August 12th, 2009 @ 11:30 am

Congratulations! You’ve got a real live prospect on the line. Your first task is to start selling, right? WRONG! At the very beginning of the sales cycle, your most important task is to find out if you can eliminate the prospect completely from your to-do list.

Yes, you heard me correctly.

Many sales pros (particularly novices) are so thrilled simply to be talking to a real live prospect that they don’t want to burst the happy bubble. So they pretend that the mere fact that a prospect has shown a little interest (by not hanging up) means that they’re a potential customer.

Nothing could be further from the truth. There are at least half-a-dozen reasons a prospect might show interest but never buy. For instance, the prospect may:

  1. feel bored or lonely and just want to talk to somebody.
  2. hope to have the offering…someday in the far future.
  3. be looking for a catspaw to play against your competitor.
  4. be confused about their firm’s real needs.
  5. think your pricey offering fits within their teeny budget.
  6. be looking for new contacts for a future job hunt.

Look, the last thing that you want to do with your valuable time is to waste it on somebody who’s NOT going to buy.

So it’s a BIG WIN for you whenever you eliminate a prospect from your to-do list. And it’s an even BIGGER WIN if you can do this within the first five minutes of talking to the prospect. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Do they really need your offering?
  • Is the financial impact big enough to justify a purchase?
  • How do they buy this kind of product?
  • Do they have a budget or can one be secured?
  • What’s their time frame for addressing this issue?
  • Who says “Yes” and who can say “No”?

If you can’t get a decent answer — or a process to get an answer — to any of these questions, then you’re WASTING YOUR TIME.

On the other hand, if you can get answers — or a process in place to get those answers, you’ve got a real opportunity.

But let’s be clear: if that prospect ain’t gonna buy, you wanna exit ASAP.

The Key to Authentic Leadership – Post 041

The key to authentic leadership is to listen to your followers, and then open the door for them to lead themselves. The secret is empowerment. The main incentive is genuine caring and recognition.
  • The five most important words a leader can speak are: “I am proud of you.”
  • The four most important are: “What is your opinion?”
  • The three most important are: “If you please.”
  • The two most important are: “Thank You.”
  • And the most important single word of all is: “You!”

This week, be generous in your use of words that nurture trust in you as a caring leader.

Denis Waitley

Prospecting – Post 040

Great article from Tom “Big Al” Schreiter on prospecting!

Distributor #1 goes to lunch. The waiter comes by and says:
“What would you like to order?”

Distributor #1 replies:
“A hamburger, french fries and a Coke.”

Distributor #1 then goes home, calls his sponsor and complains that no one is interested in the products, no one is looking for an opportunity, the meetings are too far away, and no one can make any money in this business.

Meanwhile …   Distributor #2 goes to lunch. The waiter comes by and says:
“What would you like to order?”

Distributor #2 replies:
“Are you married to your job, or are you open-minded?”

The waiter says:
“Of course I’m open-minded. I don’t want to be a waiter all my life. What do you have in mind?”

Distributor #2 sets an appointment to talk with the waiter during the waiter’s coffee break.

Distributor #2 also has a constant supply of leads, appointments, guests for meetings, and new distributors joining weekly.   So …   Both Distributor #1 and Distributor #2:

  1. Have the same territory.
  2. Have the same prospects.
  3. Represent the same products.
  4. Represent the same opportunity.
  5. Have the same weather.

Everything is the same for Distributor #1 and Distributor #2 EXCEPT:
“Distributor #2 simply says and does something different.”

That’s it.

Success in network marketing isn’t luck, good weather, etc. Success is simply saying and doing the right things.   So when your distributors complain they don’t have any prospects, or they complain that no one wants to join, tell them the above story.   Then they will realize that they don’t have to find new prospects. Instead, they simply have to learn what to say and what to do with the people they already come in contact with.   They also will realize that success is within their control. They can choose to learn the skills of what to say or what to do, or they can whine, complain and hope someone will have sympathy for their unsuccessful business.   Yeah, this is really cruel 😉

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Keith Abell, RPh MI
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Listening May Be The Key – Post 039

Have you ever noticed that most people are usually unhappy with one of these four things: their finances, the amount of free time they have, their job, or their health. Next time you hear this, try this: Listen for the dissatisfaction and then offer to help.
For example, if someone complains to you about always being tired. You should first listen and learn more about this, then after genuinely listening, try asking a key question such as, “If I could show you how to boost your stamina and energy, would you like to learn more?” Do you see how this works? First, you are offering to help, and then you are asking if they want information. Alright, let’s say that someone is frustrated with their job. First listen and learn more about what they do. Find out how long they have been in that line of work, what they like about it, and what they don’t like about it. Listen for their “hot buttons”, then ask, “If I could show you an alternative to your stressful job, would you be interested?”
Most people enjoy helping others. When you are working from a caring, passionate perspective, you can’t help but attract customers and distributors to you.


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