The veterans in this business will always tell you that the first place to start in prospecting is always with your warm market, those people you know best. Survey any group of successful business builders and ask them how many came in as a warm market contact. You’ll always find that well over 80% came in that way.

Contacting your warm market first is always the best, most efficient use of your time, especially at first.

What you risk by ignoring your warm market

Most experienced leaders have learned by sad experience not to neglect their warm market. When most leaders have built a good team and have started making significant money, they inevitably meet one of their friends they didn’t contact. They exchange success stories, and this comes up: “I thought we were friends, and you didn’t contact me.” True leaders learn to approach everyone they know…no judging.

It’s also a shame when two people in the same family or two close friends each get recruited by someone outside the family. You always want close friends or family members to have the strongest possible incentive to help each other out.

Some people you recruit may think, “I don’t have anyone to contact. I belong to the NFL club, the “No Friends Left” club. You’ve already pitched all your friends and relations for 2 or 3 business deals that haven’t worked out.

They may have let you know that they never want to see you again if you approach them with another deal. Go see them anyway. You’re friends. You’re family. You have to let them know about this record-breaking company. This isn’t like other companies. This company has something special. Should we hold back if we have the greatest news they’ve ever heard?

Some leaders are even so bold that they tell their most committed team members that they won’t work with them if they’re unwilling to contact their warm market. Contacting a warm market is where the greatest, fastest success is in this business.

You’ll find disaster stories everywhere in this industry about people who started by contacting a cold market or began by handing out fliers, advertising on the Internet, or running ads in a newspaper. Thousands of dollars have been wasted chasing these so-called “easy” ways of building the business.

Occasionally someone will find a cold-market trick that works for them. But it won’t be easy to duplicate 3 levels down your organization, a thousand miles away, by people you don’t even know.


  1. At your next Corporate Event or conference call, ask fellow Executives how many came in as “warm market” contacts? Prepare your own story for anyone you bring in who doesn’t want to contact their “warm market.”
  2. Try some “cold market” contacting of your own for a little while and see for yourself if it’s a harder route to success. Your people can learn as much from your failure stories as they can from your success stories.

Keith Abell, RPh CIP MI


The Power of a System – Post 093

To illustrate the power of a system, consider McDonalds – perhaps THE most successful franchise of all time. With the average “Mom & Pop” hamburger stand costing under $100,000 to open, why do people invest over $1-million in a McDonald’s franchise? Is it because McDonald’s makes the best hamburger? Generally not. People are investing in the McDonald’s SYSTEM which boasts a 98% success rate (vs. 2% with traditional “Mom & Pop”). This success occurs even with high school kids running the store!

With Youngevity we also have the power of a proven SYSTEM. What is it?


Instead of memorizing Dr. Wallach’s message yourself, use the TOOLS (cd’s, dvd’s, etc…) to share his message!

150 Million Tapes/CD’s Working For You

Have you ever wondered why roughly 40 different companies use Dr. Wallach’s tape to sell their products? They use it because his tape is so powerful that they can give it to people they don’t even know, and those people will buy their products!

Dr. Wallach explains that these other companies have helped “chum the waters” for your Youngevity business. Ask yourself: How many of these people don’t know that Dr. Wallach has his own company? What will they do when they find out? Who is going to tell them?

Our job is simple – we share Dr. Wallach’s tools and those tools share his message. We merely spark people’s curiosity to LISTEN TO or WATCH these audiocassettes and videos. The more people you encourage to listen to his tapes, the more people you’ll find who want to try Dr. Wallach’s products.


Another major advantage of using the tools is DUPLICATION.
If you spend an hour explaining Dr. Wallach’s message to someone, they might say to themselves, “I could NEVER learn all of that!”

But if you simply share a tape with them and commit them to listening to it (“If I lend you this tape, will you listen to it?”), they realize how easily they could do the same.

The SYSTEM is that simple!


Principles of Network Marketing (MLM) – Post 092

What is Network Marketing?

Network marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM) is the process of moving products directly from the company to the end consumer through word-of-mouth. The industry is growing at an incredible rate. You are in the right industry!

Principles of Network Marketing?

Network Marketing is based on the principle of time leverage, meaning that you develop a vehicle that will provide you an income stream. This is achieved by DUPLICATING, or creating a system where success builds on itself.

Network marketing is a people business.

As it’s name suggests, Network Marketing or MLM is based on networking or creating relationships with others. More than traditional sales, it involves building strong communication ties and lasting relationships. You will have the most fun and success as you develop your interpersonal skills, specifically by having a positive attitude, being friendly, looking for the good in others, and helping other people see success. It is often said that the best way to achieve what you want is to help other people reach what they want.

Keith Abell, RPh CIP MI

Duplication – Post 090

“It’s not the big things you do every once in a while, but the little things you do every day that really count!” Rich Stocks What is this really saying? 

Let’s look at some examples…

1.  Imagine that you are offered $1,000,000 cash today or 1 penny doubled every day for thirty days.  Which would you choose?  If you do the arithmetic you’ll soon realize that a penny doubled every day for thirty days turns out to be over $10,000,000!  Over 10 times the value even though you start by doubling something as small as a penny!

2.  Imagine I give you an extremely large sheet of paper of regular thickness and ask you to fold the paper in half and then in half again fifty times.  After the fiftieth fold, how thick would your stack of folded paper be?  Possibly the thickness of a phone book?  Or how about a mile?  Actually the thickness of that paper folded fifty times would reach from the earth to the sun.  Folding one more time would make it the distance to the sun and back.  Isn’t that amazing?

Even starting with something as small as a penny or the thickness of a sheet of paper can turn into something immense if doubling or duplication occurs.  The principle is based upon a large number of people doing simple and ordinary tasks which as a whole amount to immense results.  Listen to how one entrepreneur explained it…

“I’d rather have 1% of the effort of 100 people than 100% of my own” – Jean Paul Getty

How does understanding the principle of duplication help me?

This is the basis of royalty or residual type incomes that creates huge wealth.  In other words, rather than basing your income on a large one time sale (example of the $1,000,000 above), what if you could base your income on a small piece of a continually growing pie (the penny doubling over thirty days)?  By following simple tasks and teaching others to do the same, you can put yourself in line to benefit from the doubling principle over and over again until your income reaches unbelievable heights.

Keith Abell, RPh CIP MI

Commitments! – Post 089

There are two types of people, those who make commitments and those who keep them.” John Adams
Have you made a commitment to get out of debt? To work toward financial freedom? Spend more time with family? Become healthier? I can help you do what you can to keep that commitment?
Have an extraordinary day 
Keith Abell, RPh CIP MI
Pharmacist – CEO Abell International

Bed of Thorns – Post 087

Lean too much upon the approval of people, and it becomes a bed of thorns.”
19th Century Educator, Tehyi Hsieh
Your action for today is to see if there is something for which you are looking for approval from someone else. If there is, why is it important they give it to you?
Have an extraordinary day!

Keith Abell, RPh CIP MI

Keith Abell, RPh
Pharmacist – Marketing Director