How much are you listening? – Post 102

How much are you listening?
How well are you listening?
Are you hearing your prospect?
I find that most people are too busy talking, and trying to make themselves ‘look’ good, or their opportunity ‘look’ good, than they do uncovering the real needs people have out there.
Start asking more and be PRESENT when you listen.
Become an ACTIVE listener.
The more you listen, the more interested you are, the more money you will make.
Keith Abell, RPh CIP MI
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How to Locate and Sponsor Leaders Into Your MLM – Post 100

How to Locate and Sponsor Leaders Into Your MLM

You should always strive to be more efficient with your time and what you do. Some people make fundamental errors with their time management and focus of study. Before you learn to get traffic, you should learn to capture leads. Before you learn to capture leads or get traffic, you should learn how to sponsor and recruit people. Before you learn to sponsor and recruit people, you should focus on the perfect type of person you actually want in your business. If you want to become a major earner in your company, learn to get leaders to tell you yes and you are on your way.

Who is a Leader?

I would say a leader is someone of influence with a large social network. That does NOT mean they have to have a million followers a twitter that a software did for them, I mean, someone who either online or offline have a lot of people that know them by name and they have some amount of influence with them.

What Turns Leaders Off is what turns Followers on

People have different reasons why they will join your network marketing business. I have found that what turns lesser prospects on is the exact deterrent for leaders. One word, HYPE. The use of hype in your marketing may actually get you some signups but leaders very possibly could be turned off by this tactic. Let me explain:

A leader knows that WORK is the way to get wealthy. That doesn’t mean using a hammer and chisel but putting effort and time into something worthwhile should net them results. The promise of get rich quick immediately has them disqualify the opportunity. This is why you should have congruence in your conversations and marketing. Network marketing is a long term solution, period. Even the guys that make a lot of money took a long time to get there and if you are straight forward in your marketing and conversations, you will get more leaders to say yes.

Honesty and Brutal Candor is a major turn on for leaders

Yesterday I was on the phone with a pretty big leader. One of my teammates knew the guy and got me on a three way call (yes, I still do those, lol). This guy was sharp, he asked me several test questions, one of which was, if I shoot out an email to my big list will I get signups? I responded, probably to the cringing of my teammate, probably not. LOL. He said why and I responded that most people are pretty much over the big marketer without personal touch type recruiting. People have followed people from deal to deal and most people are up to date now that it doesn’t work unless you have some personal touch with a supportive upline, etc. I could tell he was blown away by my honesty and we really hit it off after that. Tell them the major hurdle when first introducing this business to people, they truly will appreciate your honesty.

How to tell if someone is NOT a leader

They tell you. They tell you how much money they made in the past and how much influence they have. They tell you how they could blow up this business and put hundreds of people in. They tell you who they know. They tell you how quickly they will reach the top ranks in the company. These are ALL sure-fire ways to know they are not a leader, they are a wanna-be. I have heard this, and even fell for this, many, many times and without fail, they did either nothing or very little. I now get massively disappointed when people tell me how big-time they are as I know it means, they probably won’t do anything.

How to Locate and Attract Leaders into Your MLM

Get inside their head. What do they want? Where do they hang out? What do they do? Who do they associate with, what books do they read? What functions do they attend? Take the time to write down your perfect person that you would love to have in your business and then pursue that avatar in all your marketing. Talk to them in your marketing as well as your conversations.

Word of Caution

Do not look as a leader as a lottery ticket and do not treat them like a piece of meat. You are going to attract who you are, not what you want. Be a person of value and constantly become someone that brings something to the table. One reason I enroll a lot of internet marketers is I do the things they don’t want to do. I help fill the holes in their marketing presence such as helping with three way calls, offline meetings, and coaching. You bring your value to the table and focus on how you can benefit them and do things they cannot do without you, and you will start getting higher quality people into your business.

Make it a great day

Keith Abell, RPh CIP MI

Three Keys to Greatness – Post 099

Three Keys to Greatness by Jim Rohn

Eight years ago I went into the studio and recorded a 56-minute video for teenagers called “Three Keys to Greatness.” Although my focus was for teenagers, the principles I shared certainly apply to adults as well.

Recently I was asked to list these three keys using a couple sentences for each. Now for your benefit here they are again.

1) Setting Goals. I call it the view of the future. Most people, including kids, will pay the price if they can see the promise of the future. So we need to help our kids see a well-defined future, so they will be motivated to pay the price today to attain the rewards of tomorrow. Goals help them do this.

2) Personal Development. Simply making consistent investments in our self-education and knowledge banks pays major dividends throughout our lives. I suggest having a minimum amount of time set aside for reading books, listening to audiocassettes, attending seminars, keeping a journal and spending time with other successful people. Charlie “Tremendous” Jones says you will be in five years the sum total of the books you read and the people you are around.

3) Financial Planning. I call it the 70/30 plan. After receiving your paycheck or paying yourself, set aside 10 percent for saving, 10 percent for investing and 10 percent for giving, and over time this will guarantee financial independence for a teenager.

If a young person, or for that matter an adult, focused on doing these three simple things over a long period of time I believe they will be assured success!

—Jim Rohn

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Keith Abell, RPh CIP MI
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Get Rich Quick? NOT! – Post 098

“Get Rich Quick” Never works!

How to know if an opportunity is right for you.

So how do you know if a wealth attraction opportunity is right for you? I’ve found there are a few key criteria you should look for in every potential opportunity.

A good opportunity will allow you to:

  • Be your own boss. Working for others usually won’t bring you the kind of real financial abundance you probably have in mind. Climbing a corporate ladder is a slow, tedious and downright frustrating process. Want to really be wealthy and free? Find a way to work for yourself.
  • Leverage your time. Trading hours for dollars only goes so far. To position yourself as an accumulator of vast amounts of wealth, you will need to leverage your time (see below).
  • Unlimited earnings potential. Earnings cannot be limited to a simple salary or a dollars-per-hour equation. They need to be theoretically unlimited so that a little bit of your time or effort is multiplied into greater results.
  • Doesn’t cost a fortune to start. This is crucial for many people. Most folks don’t have $50,000 or $100,000 sitting around just waiting to be invested in a business venture. They need to be able to attract wealth without spending a fortune up front. So an ideal wealth attraction opportunity would allow people to build wealth with minimal financial investments.
  • Earning money while you sleep. Ideally, any wealth attraction vehicle you pursue should have the potential to earn you money while you sleep. You simply set things in motion, and then maintain the operation using less effort. Even while you’re sleeping (or on vacation or whatever), you should still be earning something. Think about revenue streams that keep flowing, much like a hillside spring that flows year-round.
  • Must be ethically and morally sound with the goal of helping others and to “do no harm.” always follow the “Golden Rule,” “Do Unto others as you would have others do unto you.”
  • Taps into assets you already have: Attracting wealth shouldn’t require you to get a new degree or spend four years learning a new skillset. You already have tremendous assets in what you know (and WHO you know) right now. A mindful wealth accumulation strategy will allow you to tap into your existing assets, allowing you to attract more wealth being who you are right now!

So what opportunity meets these criteria?

Four types of opportunities come to mind as possible candidates:

Opportunity #1: Invent a health-related product (or supplement).

This is a somewhat risky – but potentially very rewarding – business venture. If you create a new health product that catches on and gets mainstream distribution, you could end up having your product in stores across the world, earning nickels and dimes as customers buy your goods. Getting mentioned on NaturalNews can even help jumpstart your business, but you have to have a really great product to earn that placement.

Launching a product company isn’t easy. It can require a fairly large financial investment, and it’s a 70-hour-a-week kind of job (at least for the first two years). If you love what you’re doing, that’s great, but for most people, the hours are too intense, and the outcome too uncertain. Only approach this idea if you have a truly revolutionary product idea that’s an instant hit with everybody you describe it to.

A related idea is to join a successful franchise, although the startup costs can be significant. There are still some opportunities. (Have fun managing the teenage help, though…)

Opportunity #2: Create a book, DVD or other publishable content.

This is easier said than done, of course, but if you do it right, this approach leverages your time and can earn you money while you sleep. Of course, most books don’t sell very well. Being a successful author (or DVD creator) requires dedication and great marketing.

If you pursue this route, my advice is to avoid working with the major book companies and, instead, self-publish books that you sell electronically. It’s a LOT more profitable, and you avoid all the up-front costs associated with printing 3,000 copies of your book.

Opportunity #3: Be an affiliate marketer with an internet site. This has the advantage of minimizing your investment (there’s virtually none) and leveraging your time. You can earn anywhere from 4% – 25% on affiliate links to products related to your blog or website.

The key here, of course, is attracting readers. Without real people reading your content, you won’t earn anything from affiliate marketing. So becoming proficient at writing is essential for those pursuing this opportunity. You’ll also need to put in 3-6 months just building an audience before you can expect any real success.

Opportunity #4: Find success with a health-related network marketing company.

People who are good with other people tend to do very well in network marketing companies, and the business structure leverages your time and requires very little in the way of startup costs.

On the down side, many of the networking marketing companies I’ve seen are selling “junk” products made with fillers and junk juices. All those expensive, bottled liquids containing acai, mangosteen and other exotic fruits are a good example. I’ve looked at many of them and have only seen a handful that I can stand behind as a pharmacist.

In all, these are the best four opportunities available today for attracting mindful wealth. Again, they are:

  • Start your own product or service company.
  • Create a book, DVD or other publishable content (and the market it).
  • Be an affiliate marketer of other people’s products or services.
  • Join a mindful, quality-focused network marketing company.

None of these are effortless.

Everything worth having requires some effort on your part, but I aim to help you “minimize the effort required while maximizing the results you get.” I personally chose option 4.

I just spent 2 years researching many opportunities. I even advertised many of them through social media to get feedback from friends. Only 1 company stood out over all the others, in fact throughout the research process my wife kept telling me that this company is the one because she felt their products were superior.

The company I chose is a first to market health and wellness company. With over 400 products from which to choose, there are products that people would buy anyway so it is just a matter of buying from their own online store. The compensation plan is designed so even the novice can begin earning an income.

To find out more contact me.

Or Visit:

Keith Abell, RPh CIP MI

Focus – Post 096

Go to work and focus hard on being the best you can be.  Don’t worry EVER about the nay-sayers and the people who want to put you down for no apparent reason other than to entertain themselves.  Do your best and give it your all…always.  And…know now that success comes with a price.  The price we pay, the hard work, the sacrifice, the devotion, the time, and even little pieces of garbage will ALL be ECLIPSED by the joys and the rewards you receive for stepping out and giving your entrepreneurial spirit the fighting chance it deserves.  

Keith Abell, RPh CIP MI

Trends and Timing – Post 095

Trends and Timing

Market Convergence With the Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers historically drive industries. Between 1946 and 1964 over 76-million babies were born in the United States. Companies such as Gerber, Johnson&Johnson and Mattel experienced incredible growth. As these babies began to age, McDonald’s was founded and Levi Straus got its start. Remember the hula hoop and Schwinn bicycles? As the Boomers entered their late teens and early 20’s, the “Big 3” of the American automotive industry saw their biggest growth ever!

The baby boom lasted 18 years. When the oldest Boomers were turning 18, the youngest were barely being born. They weren’t in the same market then or even a decade later. However, this year the Boomers range from 35 to 53. As they start to share similar tastes, we are experiencing market convergence.

Most department stores carry cosmetics on the first floor. Why? Because they sell. As the Boomers age, experts predict the skin care market will grow roughly 300% in 10 years. An industry that is experiencing even greater growth is HEALTH CARE. As people age from 35 to 45 are they more or less concerned about their health? As they age from 45 to 55? From 65 to 75? Can you see where this market is heading? Experts predict that this market will TRIPLE IN 5 YEARS!


Practically everyone in America will be affected by this trend. You can:

  • Sit back and do nothing while your health gradually slips away
  • Spend more to maintain good health, or
  • Take advantage of this growing trend and become more healthy while building an income stream!

Home-Based Business

Most of us know someone who would like to earn additional money and have more time freedom. Many of these people are getting involved in home-based businesses. According to D’Arcangelo, author of Wealth Starts At Home, home-based businesses are increasing 15%/year. By the year 2000 you might see up to 1 out of every 3 households involved in some form of home-based business. You can’t get involved with a better home-based business than Youngevity!

Health Sales!

According to the Direct Sales Association, in 1995 total wellness product sales were $1.65 billion. By 1998 total wellness product sales were $4.15 billion (251% growth in 3 years).

Experts predict that in 5 years people will be consuming 3 times as many mineral, vitamin, and nutritional supplements as they do today. What would McDonald’s do if it knew that in 5 years people are likely to be eating 3 times as many hamburgers as they do today? Similarly, knowing today that in 5 years people might be using 3 times as many mineral, vitamin, and nutritional supplements than they are today, in what industry should you position yourself?


Harvard Business School, in its course on network marketing, teaches that companies go through 3 basic phases: formation & concentration, momentum, and stability. Most network marketing companies (98%) fail during the formation & concentration phase.

The “stability” phase is where a company has everything completely ironed out and grows little by little (i.e. 10%/yr.).

The biggest growth occurs during the MOMENTUM phase – where numerous companies have grown from $50-million/year in sales to over $500-million/year in less than 2 years! During this time distributors have seen their incomes double, triple, and even grow 10-fold! So when does momentum happen? Harvard Business School predicts momentum occurs when a company is at least 18 months old (having survived formation & concentration), and has around 100,000 distributors. The rumblings of this growth are already beginning to be heard!

Position For This Growth Now

The best way to capitalize on this wave is to position yourself ahead of it and “catch the wave” of growth. This window of opportunity offers the greatest returns on your efforts. There has never been a better time to get involved than today!

The only required cost to get started with Youngevity is a $10 enrollment fee, something you may have already paid if you are a wholesale buyer. In order to get your business started right, we recommend you obtain a Business Tool Kit as soon as possible.

Keith Abell, RPh CIP MI