Trends and Timing – Post 095

Trends and Timing

Market Convergence With the Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers historically drive industries. Between 1946 and 1964 over 76-million babies were born in the United States. Companies such as Gerber, Johnson&Johnson and Mattel experienced incredible growth. As these babies began to age, McDonald’s was founded and Levi Straus got its start. Remember the hula hoop and Schwinn bicycles? As the Boomers entered their late teens and early 20’s, the “Big 3” of the American automotive industry saw their biggest growth ever!

The baby boom lasted 18 years. When the oldest Boomers were turning 18, the youngest were barely being born. They weren’t in the same market then or even a decade later. However, this year the Boomers range from 35 to 53. As they start to share similar tastes, we are experiencing market convergence.

Most department stores carry cosmetics on the first floor. Why? Because they sell. As the Boomers age, experts predict the skin care market will grow roughly 300% in 10 years. An industry that is experiencing even greater growth is HEALTH CARE. As people age from 35 to 45 are they more or less concerned about their health? As they age from 45 to 55? From 65 to 75? Can you see where this market is heading? Experts predict that this market will TRIPLE IN 5 YEARS!


Practically everyone in America will be affected by this trend. You can:

  • Sit back and do nothing while your health gradually slips away
  • Spend more to maintain good health, or
  • Take advantage of this growing trend and become more healthy while building an income stream!

Home-Based Business

Most of us know someone who would like to earn additional money and have more time freedom. Many of these people are getting involved in home-based businesses. According to D’Arcangelo, author of Wealth Starts At Home, home-based businesses are increasing 15%/year. By the year 2000 you might see up to 1 out of every 3 households involved in some form of home-based business. You can’t get involved with a better home-based business than Youngevity!

Health Sales!

According to the Direct Sales Association, in 1995 total wellness product sales were $1.65 billion. By 1998 total wellness product sales were $4.15 billion (251% growth in 3 years).

Experts predict that in 5 years people will be consuming 3 times as many mineral, vitamin, and nutritional supplements as they do today. What would McDonald’s do if it knew that in 5 years people are likely to be eating 3 times as many hamburgers as they do today? Similarly, knowing today that in 5 years people might be using 3 times as many mineral, vitamin, and nutritional supplements than they are today, in what industry should you position yourself?


Harvard Business School, in its course on network marketing, teaches that companies go through 3 basic phases: formation & concentration, momentum, and stability. Most network marketing companies (98%) fail during the formation & concentration phase.

The “stability” phase is where a company has everything completely ironed out and grows little by little (i.e. 10%/yr.).

The biggest growth occurs during the MOMENTUM phase – where numerous companies have grown from $50-million/year in sales to over $500-million/year in less than 2 years! During this time distributors have seen their incomes double, triple, and even grow 10-fold! So when does momentum happen? Harvard Business School predicts momentum occurs when a company is at least 18 months old (having survived formation & concentration), and has around 100,000 distributors. The rumblings of this growth are already beginning to be heard!

Position For This Growth Now

The best way to capitalize on this wave is to position yourself ahead of it and “catch the wave” of growth. This window of opportunity offers the greatest returns on your efforts. There has never been a better time to get involved than today!

The only required cost to get started with Youngevity is a $10 enrollment fee, something you may have already paid if you are a wholesale buyer. In order to get your business started right, we recommend you obtain a Business Tool Kit as soon as possible.

Keith Abell, RPh CIP MI

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