Put the Compound Effect to Work for You – Post 111

Put the Compound Effect to Work for You

• What area, person, or circumstance in your life do you struggle with the most? Start journaling all the aspects of that situation that you are grateful for. Keep a record of everything that reinforces and expands your gratitude in that area.

• where in your life are you not taking 100% responsibility for success or failure of your present condition? Write down 3 things you’ve done in the past that have messed things up. List 3 things you should’ve done but didn’t. Write 3 things that happened to you that you responded poorly to and 3 things you can start doing now to take back responsibility for the outcomes in your life.

• Start tracking at least one behavior in one area of your life you’d like to change and improve (e.g., money, nutrition, fitness, parenting, recognizing others . . . any area).
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