40th Anniversary, Boy How Fat Everybody’s Gotten!

Today I spent the day with the family at Kings Island amusement park in Ohio. They are celebrating their 40th anniversary. I was there back in 1972 when they first opened.

While walking around I was watching the other people and noticed how unhealthy, especially how overweight the majority of the people are. Reflecting back to when I was a teen it was very rare to see obese people. I especially noticed how obese the teens today are.

People we are heading the wrong way with our health and we are doing it very quickly. Food is more abundant now than ever yet we are so nutritionally starved we are eating ourselves into an early grave. Moreover, the snack food industry knows that we are nutritionally starving and they design their products in a way that we devour larger and larger quantities trying to satisfy our nutritional needs.

Folks, you are going to eat yourself into an early grave!

Let me say that again for emphasis, Folks, you are going to eat yourself into an early grave!

Give your body all 90 essential nutrients. If you need to shed those extra pounds I can show you how to do it safely and permanently.

Contact me, let's talk about it.

If you're interested ask me how you can get your products paid for and even earn a second income at the same time.

Keith Abell, RPh CIP MI!


There’s No Better Way!

Business Ownership.


Have you ever owned your own traditional business?


You know what that’s like right?


The leases

The overhead

Dealing with the economy
Dealing with employees

And not to mention  obligations and government issues.


What the initial investment approximately to start a business?


Couple hundred thousand.

Half a million.

Five million.

A hundred fiftyvthousand

Ten Thousand


Alright, you get some ideas.


Is that all it takes, and then after that you don’t have to spend any more money?


That’s just the price of entry. That’s for the right to spend more money.”


Most people in small business would like a return OF their investment, not ON their investment. “Please just let me get it back. Please just let me get it back! I’d be thrilled if I could just get it back!”




That’s the price of entry. Then you know what?


You took the thing that you were good at and you don’t get to do it anymore because you have to be an accountant and a lawyer and a bookkeeper and an employer of people and the marketing of your business and all this stuff.


Let’s say you love making cookies. You don’t get to make any cookies anymore! Everybody else does that while you try and do something that you have no skills at doing.


Because you have no skills at doing it, very few businesses survive, but what if you had a business where all the heavy lifting was done for you?


What about the infrastructure?


You know what a franchise will charge you for the access to infrastructure? They’ll keep you broke forever!


I will tell you if you want to own a Subway shop, spend a half a million dollars and you might earn $40,000 if you work there. “What if I own ten of them?” Well, then you got ten times the problem.


Do you realize what we have, ladies and gentlemen? The infrastructure’s done, the rules and regulations are done, the investments are done, the millions have been paid by somebody else, and you are in essence the owner of that infrastructure without having to spend a penny into it.


You realize that? Most don’t.


We have infrastructure where you can expand not only outside…


In this business, you can have more than one outside of your own city with new infrastructure.


What would it have taken to start a new business, a branch of the business that you started, in another town, in another state, in another country?


It’s called bankruptcy.


Here you have an opportunity to build around the world;


But I will tell you the principle’s the same: your ability to leverage a system that’s already in place.


You just bring your passion, but you’re going to have to learn some new stuff.


Bring your passion, bring your fire, bring your coachability, bring your leadership.


You know what we do at the end of the day? We build a network.


That needs to be everything that your focus is on. It’s not about recruiting, it’s not about selling, it’s building a network. The network will make a place for everything that you want to do.


I get fired up because there is no better way.


I don’t care what you say.


Now, if you’re an artist and you love being an artist, you know what network marketing will let you do? Be an artist on your time.


If you’re a teacher and you love being a teacher – I know that they don’t pay you what you’re worth as an educator – but if you love being an educator, be an educator and let network marketing allow you to do it on your terms without the stress.


See what I mean?


So I’m not saying that this has to be your absolute-all, end-all, be-all passion.


It’s a resource and it’s a tool to be able to help you to do whatever it is you want to do.


You want to start a hundred orphanages around the world? This can be a tool to help you do it.


You want to put your kids through college? You want to leave a legacy, a foundation so everybody in your family’s taken care of when they hit hard times a hundred years from today? This can be a legacy to help you do it, you know?


So we have a better way, for all those reasons I just described. http://NoMoreBoss.info 

Keith Abell, RPh CIP MI

Save Money, Get Healthy, Create Wealth!

Do You Take Acid Reflux Medications?

Do you take Proton Pump Inhibitors: Lansoprazole (Prevacid), Omeprazole (Losec, Prilosec), Rabeprazole (Aciphex), Pantoprazole (Pantoloc, Protonix)?


Did your prescriber or pharmacist inform you that these medications cause deficiencies of many vitamins and minerals?


Here are some of the deficiencies they may cause:


§         Beta-Carotene, Vitamin A

§         Calcium

§         Chromium

§         Folic Acid

§         Iron

§         Vitamin B12

§         Vitamin C

§         Zinc

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble micronutrient that your body uses to support the functions of your skin, immune system and lining tissues. You obtain vitamin A from animal-derived foods. Brightly colored vegetables and some types of fruit supply you with beta carotene and other precursor chemicals that your body converts to vitamin A. Vitamin A deficiency can impair your vision and may cause other signs of impaired organ and tissue function.

§         Poor Night Vision – Your body requires vitamin A to produce the light-sensitive protein rhodopsin, which enables your eyes to detect low light. If you do not consume adequate amounts of vitamin A or beta carotene, rhodopsin production decreases and your ability to see in low light diminishes. Driving at night may become difficult and dangerous. Reduced night vision is typically the earliest sign of a vitamin A deficiency.

§         Cloudy, Dry Eyes – Epithelia are tissues that cover your body or line your organs. Vitamin A supports the normal growth and maintenance of epithelial tissues throughout your body, including those of your eyes. Specialized epithelial cells cover the surface of your eyeball and line your eyelids. These tissues do not function properly if you have a vitamin A deficiency, causing severe eye dryness, or xerophthalmia. The normally clear, moist eye tissue becomes cloudy and erodes, potentially leading to blindness unless you receive treatment.

§         Thick Skin and Rashes – Your skin requires vitamin A to maintain the normal cycle of sloughing old cells and replacing them with new skin cells. Vitamin A deficiency disturbs this process, leading to increased skin thickness. Your skin typically appears rough and dry; it may itch. Rashes may also develop.

§         Paleness and Shortness of Breath – Vitamin A is one of several vitamins and minerals needed to produce red blood cells. Lack of vitamin A and beta carotene in your diet can lead to a low red blood cell count, or anemia. Common signs and symptoms include paleness, shortness of breath, lack of energy and becoming easily fatigued when you exert yourself.

§         Frequent, Prolonged Infections – The epithelial linings of your airways, digestive tract and urinary system do not function normally when you lack vitamin A. This can lead to frequent head colds and infections of your lungs, intestines, kidneys and bladder. Your immune system also suffers with vitamin A deficiency, reducing your ability to fight infections when they occur. The time required to recover from an infection, therefore, may be longer than expected.

Calcium deficiency is a condition in which the body has an inadequate amount of calcium. Calcium is a mineral that is essential for many aspects of health, including the health of bones and teeth, and a normal heart rhythm. This mineral is also required for muscle contractions and relaxation, nerve and hormone function, and blood pressure regulation.

Normal amounts of calcium in the blood are so critical to many vital body functions of the nerves, muscles, brain and heart, that your body will pull calcium from the bones as needed to maintain normal blood calcium levels. This enables important processes in the body to continue. However, ongoing dietary calcium deficiency can eventually lead to thinning of the bones and osteoporosis because calcium stores in the bones are not replaced as they are used by the body. Untreated calcium deficiency can lead to serious complications, such as osteoporosis, hypertension (high blood pressure), and cardiac arrhythmias.

Chromium levels in your body are naturally low but this mineral is very important for its role in digesting food and transporting sugars to your cells where they, in turn, produce energy. People who suffer from a chromium deficiency are at a higher risk for developing diabetes and coronary artery disease.

Folic Acid is one of the B vitamins, and it helps your body make new cells, including new red blood cells. Your body needs red blood cells to carry oxygen. If you don’t have enough red blood cells, you have anemia, which can make you feel weak and tired. Folic Acid deficiency may cause you to feel weak and tired, feel lightheaded, be forgetful, feel grouchy, lose your appetite, and have trouble concentrating.

Iron deficiency anemia is a common type of anemia — a condition in which blood lacks adequate healthy red blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen to the body’s tissues. Mild iron deficiency anemia usually doesn’t cause complications. However, left untreated, iron deficiency anemia can become severe and lead to health problems, including the following:

  • Heart problems. Iron deficiency anemia may lead to a rapid or irregular heartbeat. Your heart must pump more blood to compensate for the lack of oxygen carried in your blood when you’re anemic. This can lead to an enlarged heart or heart failure.
  • Problems during pregnancy. In pregnant women, severe iron deficiency anemia has been linked to premature births and low birth weight babies. But the condition is easily preventable in pregnant women who receive iron supplements as part of their prenatal care.
  • Growth problems. In infants and children, severe iron deficiency can lead to anemia as well as delayed growth and development. Additionally, iron deficiency anemia is associated with an increased susceptibility to infections

Vitamin B12 deficiency – A mild deficiency may cause only mild, if any, symptoms. But as the deficiency worsens it may causes symptoms such as:

§         weakness, tiredness or light-headedness

§         rapid heartbeat and breathing

§         pale skin

§         sore tongue

§         easy bruising or bleeding, including bleeding gums

§         stomach upset and weight loss

§         diarrhea or constipation

If the deficiency is not corrected, it can damage the nerve cells. If this happens, vitamin B12 deficiency effects may include:

§         tingling or numbness in fingers and toes

§         difficulty walking

§         mood changes or depression

§         memory loss, disorientation, and dementia

B12 deficiency in infants, if not detected and treated, can lead to severe and permanent damage to the nervous system. New mothers who follow a vegetarian diet should have their babies’ B12 levels checked by a doctor.

Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is an essential nutrient that the body cannot produce on its own. When the body is deficient in vitamin C, many different systems can be affected. Ascorbic acid is responsible for the proper formation and maintenance of bones, skin, teeth, gums and connective tissue. It also acts as an antioxidant, scavenging free radicals before they can damage cells. Vitamin C also has a role in wound healing and in helping the body absorb iron, another important nutrient. Someone with a vitamin C deficiency may first notice symptoms of tiredness and weakness. As the deficiency gets worse, the individual may develop muscle or joint aches and the immune system may become less efficient, leading to more frequent infections. If the deficiency goes untreated for a few months or longer, signs of scurvy may develop, including loose teeth, bleeding gums, skin discoloration, dry hair and skin and anemia

Zinc is an important mineral required for a number of bodily functions involving energy and metabolism. One of its most important roles is in supporting our immune system. Zinc also plays a role in carbohydrate breakdown, as well as growth, division, and reproduction of our cells. People with zinc deficiency can experience vision and hearing loss, susceptibility to infections, delayed sexual maturation (in men), stunted growth, hair loss, appetite and weight loss, dry skin, and anemia. Proper zinc intake is especially important to the development of growing children. Extreme zinc deficiency can be dangerous to the health and wellness of growing children.

These are just the known deficiencies so far. If you are on these medications it would be wise to supplement with all 90 known essential nutrients at dosages based on your body weight. If you would like more information contact Pharmacist Keith. Also I encourage you to visit http://TheRx4Health.com and listen to the audio track of Dead Doctors Don’t Lie that discusses Salt and High Blood Pressure. It appears that the medical establishment’s advice to reduce our salt intake to reduce the risk of high blood pressure may be what is causing the epidemic of Acid Reflux. Also check out the archives on my blog Healthy Living with Pharmacist Keith at http://Blog.TheRx4Health.com


Keith Abell, RPh CIP MI

Pharmacist – Marketing Director

Youngevity Essential Life Sciences


Can The Middle Class be Saved?

Can The Middle Class be Saved?

I just saw that headline on the cover of “The Atlantic” magazine. I don't remember which issue it was but it was from a 2011 issue.

It really made me stop and think. Things are really changing fast and it seems that the middle class is taking the brunt of the chaos in the economy. Jobs are vanishing at a record rate. Even as a pharmacist I am seeing major changes. Just 2 years ago there was a major shortage of pharmacists with the rapid rise of baby boomers starting to reach retirement age and rapid increases in medical needs there seemed to be no relief of the pharmacist shortage in sight. Just like other areas of employment In the blink of an eye however that has changed. Now when a vacancy comes up in the field there are dozens of eligible pharmacist from all over the country applying for the spot.

I know this same situation is occurring in all areas of middle class employment. The number of people losing their jobs seems to be outpacing the number of good, well paid jobs being created. Just as an example when the local automobile manufacturer announced that they were adding additional lines to their plant thousands of people applied for the spots.

Everything seems dire.

However the winds of change are blowing. More and more people are turning to home based businesses as the answer. A home based business offers flexibility never experienced by most “employees.”

There is more time freedom which equates to a better quality of life for families. There is more financial freedom because the only limit is limits you set on yourself. And finally there is the freedom to take your business in whichever direction you prefer.

So can the middle class be saved?

I say yes they can and to accomplish that I have teamed up with a group of home based business entrepreneurs, people just like you, that would gladly share with you how we and many more like us are doing just that, saving the middle class. Just visit my website, http://NoMoreBoss.info and watch the short video titled “Brilliant Compensation.” Tim Sales will introduce you to the concept of a home based business that has low startup costs but unlimited upside potential. When you have completed the video be sure to click on the contact button at the top of the page and I will get back with you right away. We can then discuss exactly what types of businesses are available and see if there is something that will fit your personality.

Oh, and by the way be sure to ask me about a free report that will show you how to evaluate home based business opportunities.

Keith Abell, RPh CIP MI

Pharmacist – Marketing Director

The New Economy

The New Economy
Hi I’m Keith Abell; I just wanted to do a quick blog post about the state of employment and the new economy. 

Let me start off by saying we’re living in a new economy. This isn’t a down economy, it’s a new economy. This isn’t a recession or a depression, it’s a new economy. 

The changes that have happened are fundamental and in most cases permanent. 

Let that sink in a moment. 

You think the job market’s coming back? 

Not the one you recognize. 

You think the skills you went to school to get are going to serve you in this rapidly changing economy? 

Well maybe, but not in the way that you think that they’re going to serve you.

There’s basically two ways that most people earn an income in this world.

One is Blue-Collar Work. 

“Blue-collar work!” Making things, doing things, fixing things.

There’s a certain amount of satisfaction in blue-collar work, doing something, making something look nicer than it would or making something look nicer than it did. 

There’s a certain amount of satisfaction there, but can you get wealthy that way? Can you? 

Does your body tire there? Is it sometimes dangerous there? 

Most people have had some level of blue-collar work in their lives. There’s nothing wrong with that, but can you create wealth? Can you get there with blue collar work?

The Second is Corporate Work 

Working for someone else. 
You know what that’s like.

The other way most people earn an income is through corporate work.

This is where the biggest change in the history of the world is happening and I believe in the next five years you’ll see the biggest change of all of our lifetimes. 

Randy Gage says, “Safe is the new risky.” What everybody thinks is safe, corporate work, is the new risky.
The most frightening place to be, is working for somebody else today.

So what’s happening in the work place? 
  • First of all are layoffs. This implied contract you have between employer and employee, “If you’re loyal, if you put your head down, if you’ll just do your job, we’ll trade that for job security.”|

    There’s no such thing as job security. Not anymore.

    Maybe your parents had it where they were. Maybe your grand parents had it.

    Unemployment is approximately 20%. Those that are on the actual unemployment roles are about ten percent, but there’s a lot of people who have lost their benefits and aren’t even counted.

    They’re part-time not by choice and they don’t have benefits and they need to be full-time but they’re not, so they’re taking the part-time job. Maybe even 2 or 3 part time jobs.

    And if you’re 55 today, looking for a job in this economy, what a miserable place to be. Put your whole life into somebody else, build somebody else’s dream, and build up all that experience. Then they say, “We don’t care about the experience because you get too much money.”

    So one out of five, ladies and gentlemen, are unemployed and you think that’s about to change? 

    Most of the jobs that were eliminated the last two years were permanently eliminated. Most of them. Technology. Outsourcing. Part-time work. 

    So the companies that used to have a hundred people, they said, “Let’s see how we do with 80. Let’s call it a temporary layoff and see how we do to 60.” They’re still having meetings right now about you, saying, “Can we do without them? Is there any way?” 

    So layoffs in my opinion are going to be a around for some time. They’re going to find ways to do with less and less and less and because of the costs of health care, they’re going to take people from full-time to part-time.

  • So that’s phenomenon number one. The second thing that’s happening in the corporate workplace is, asking you to work harder for less money.

    Income reductions, voluntary income reductions. 

    You used to get paid $50,000. They say, “You know, look. We’d love you to keep your job. We think you’re great here, but we need you to do it for $45,000. Now if you don’t agree, we understand, but there’s a long line of people outside the door that’s willing to do it. We’d rather have you than them but, you know, I was told by the guys upstairs if I don’t do this, then it’s me.”

    The second part to working harder for less money is, “Instead of 40 hours, we need you 45. We need you 50. We need you 55. 

    Oh, how about overtime?” 

    “What do you mean, overtime?” This is survival time. You get to stay if you come longer. True or not true?

  • The third thing happening in the corporate workplace is shifting to a performance-based economy.|

    At every level inside of every company.

    They won’t pay you by the week anymore or by the month or by the year.

    If you used to get $50,000 a year – they’re going to take you to $12,000 a year and let you earn back the other $38,000 if you hit performance benchmarks on a weekly or monthly basis. If you don’t, you don’t get the 50 back again.

    Or they say, “Yeah, you’re going to get your 50 if you hit these milestones for 12 consecutive months. We’re going to pay you three thousand a month for each month that you hit the milestones.

    But if you miss one, that three thousand’s gone. If you miss two, six thousand’s gone.

    So you got to hit the benchmarks.”

    Have you ever had performance-based pay?

    What happens when you hit your numbers? The next year they raise the numbers. That basically forces you to do what? You work even harder for the same money again. 

    What if you’re a rock star and you perform two years in a row?

    Raise it again. Get used to it, ladies and gentlemen. The people that are cleaning the rooms in a hotel, they are very closely – if they’re not already there – going to get paid by the room, not by the hour.

    It’s not just people serving you your food in your restaurants. Everybody’s going to be on a unit-based, performance-based, wage system. Managers will be paid based, based upon the people work for them. It’s going to be everywhere.

So if you’re going to be in performance-based anyway, which system would you go into?

  1. The system that is progressively going to put the screws to you. If you decide to perform – put the screws to you by increasing the work to get the same pay.
  2. Or one that celebrates you the more you perform and takes the limits off the more you perform and appreciates you the more than you perform, that rewards you the more you perform.  

And all you got to do is you’ve got to drop this thing that Les Brown calls “learned helplessness.”

Our entire society has been trained and learned a pattern of helplessness. 

In other words, we have this need from birth to be told what to do, where to go, what to say, what to – how to perform, what skill to learn. “Okay, tell me to do it.” 

You’ve got to be able to shift away from that.

Learned helplessness or freedom! 

Let me show you a way that you can be rewarded based upon your performance. 

A system that increases the reward as your progress grows instead of increasing the amount of work to reach the same reward. 

A system that rewards you for showing others how they can do the same.

To find out more http://NoMoreBoss.info 

Medical Research and Dr Wallach, Together at Last

Main stream medical research is FINALLY taking notice.

Press Release: Youngevity® Essential Life Sciences Initiates Clinical Studies at Clemson University’s Institute of Nutraceutical Research

Studies Will Evaluate Potential Effects of Youngevity Products on Human Biomarkers

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Growing direct-selling conglomerate Youngevity® Essential Life Sciences (www.Youngevity.com) announces it has signed an agreement to initiate a series of clinical research studies at Clemson University’s Institute of Nutraceutical Research. Formally titled “Research Studies on Anti-Cancer and Anti-Inflammatory Efficacy and Safety of Youngevity Nutraceutical Products,” the research will be overseen by Professor Chittaranjan Kole, Director of Research at the Institute, who is a specialist in plant genomics, phytomedicine and nutriomics.

Keith Abell, RPh CIP MI
Save Money, Get Healthy, Create Wealth!

Escape from Club Fed- Post 217

Have you ever seen the average cubicle in an office?


If you take a look at the cubicle, what does the cubicle have?
§         It has a workspace
§         It has a chair
§         It usually has a plant to warm it up
§         It has a couple of toys, knick-knacks – you know, a little bobble-head,
something to let people know that you’re fun.
§         It has some photos of family. “This is why I’m doing this, this is why I’m doing this, this is why I’m doing this.”
I like watching those documentaries on TV, like on the Discovery Channel when they do a jail cell.
What does the typical jail cell have?
§         It has a workspace
§         It has a chair
§         It usually has a plant
§         It has some photos
You think, well, you think the bars are any different from the bars of the cubicle?
Try and walk out when you’re not supposed to.
Do that that more often than you’re supposed to and see what happens.
It’s like club fed. I mean, yeah, yeah, you can walk around a little bit, but you got to stay within some lines.
If you go outside of those lines, you take breaks when other people don’t take breaks.
They’re going to start talking about you and you don’t want your name showing up in that board room.
You go to lunch when we say, ”Heck with you, I’m going when I feel like it.”
Well, heck with you, you’re not working here any longer. True or not true?   

If you want to “escape” from Club Fed then visit my website: http://AIMHighForSuccess.com