3 Mental Viruses Keeping You from Success – Post 141

Do you suffer from the three mental viruses that are keeping you from success?
  1. The Blame Virus – “It’s not me.” “It’s them.” “It’s circumstances.” “It’s the weather.” “It’s the economy.” “It’s my bosses.” “It’s the educational system.” “It’s my race.” “It’s my gender.” “It’s my age.” “It’s where I was raised.”Learn how to take responsibility for everything that happens to you and shape your life instead of blaming, because you will find there’s no money in blaming. You needed money? Take responsibility!
  2. Give Me Results First Then I’ll Work Hard Virus. – “Give me the promotion and then watch my smoke.” “Give me the raise and then watch my attitude change.” “Give me a new rank. Once I have a new rank inside of my company, then I’ll step into my leadership.” “When you make me a manager, then I’ll really pound it.” “I know I’m a bus boy now, but when you make me a server, then I’ll do it.”Life doesn’t work that way anywhere. You got to come in, pay your dues. You got to work hard first, and then the universe will get out of it’s way and it’ll pay you.
  3. Hope-To-Get-Lucky Virus – “I would much rather get away with something than earn it.” “I get excited about cutting a corner and getting lucky rather than figuring something out.” “I’d much rather sneak into a movie than pay the admission price.”It’s much better to earn everything than get away with anything. It’s better to be good enough to attract the best people into your business, than to hope to luckily find one or two. When you overcome this attitude your success will be long term not fleeting.

Keith Abell, RPh CIP MI

Save Money, Get Healthy, Earn Cash!


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