Give Thanks – Now? Are You Joking? – Post 154

Give thanks – now? Are you joking?
I know that with continuing world wars, company downsizing, reorganizations, mergers, acquisitions, uncertainty with recent elections, etc. it may appear to be a bleak holiday season.  Recently, a lady shared that she had been on the receiving end of a “cost containment exercise.”  Another related that she had been given the “grace of interruption” in her work life.  A good friend of mine told me how his employer seemed to “cutting out the grey.” I even experienced “a change in direction” when I lost my job a year ago. Whoa! – great sounding terms for unexpected change.
This is a great time to be anticipating the beginning of a new year.  In 1937, Napoleon Hill wrote this in the original edition of “Think and Grow Rich:”  “The ‘depression’ was a blessing in disguise.  It reduced the whole world to a new starting point that gives every one a new opportunity.”  Now I doubt that people going through the depression saw it a blessing just as those experiencing a “downsizing” today would call it a blessing.  But back then it did give rise to thousands of new ventures and fresh vocational direction for many people just as I’m sure it will today.  Maybe now is your time to simply give thanks for a new opportunity.
Join me Nov 29th at 7pm, as Dr Stan Frager and I put together a “Mastermind Group” where we will discuss how to make 2013 our best year yet. We will discuss how we plan to capitalize on the upcoming New Year’s resolutions and how to maximize profits and generate additional streams of income for the new year. Contact me or Dr Frager for more information on the meeting location. I can be reached at (502) 410-3438.

Keith Abell, RPh CIP MI

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