Let Me Paint a Picture for You! – Post 171

This is YOUR LIFE.  
I get up every morning with a smile on my face because I live a joyful and fulfilled life.  I don’t use an alarm clock.  In fact, I no longer own one.  I’m living in my dream home.  It is beyond beautiful…I had it custom built for me and my family.  As I walk out of the bedroom and into the kitchen, I see my family.  Everyone is happy.  It’s Tuesday.  I don’t feel like working today, so I won’t.  I kiss my kids and kiss my spouse.  The energy in the household is relaxed and easy.  There’s a feeling of deep satisfaction all around me.  We all eat breakfast together and when we are done, we hear a knock on our door.  It’s our driver.  He’s picking us up to take us to the airport.  No…we don’t use him every day, but I just don’t feel like driving my car to the airport and leaving it there for 10 days.  We are traveling to Europe to hang out and enjoy life in another country.  Because the flight is so long, and we can afford it, we fly Business Class both directions.  
The trip was AMAZING.  Upon arriving home, I check my mailbox and find several envelopes from my network marketing company containing checks which total more than I used to make in an entire year at my job.  After unpacking  and spending a day decompressing from the travel, I go back upstairs to my office and make some calls to my leaders and others on my team.  No stress.  No worries.  ALL is good.  I now work maybe 5 or 6 hours a day doing leadership calls, prospecting new business and working with my team members.  No grind.  Easy, fun and fulfilling.  This is YOUR life.  
I’m not saying you want to do any of that.  Maybe you want ALL of that.  The reality is that you can have ANYTHING in your life you want, if you are simply willing to go after something.  But…the key is this.  That “something” has to be something that contains the mechanics of wealth:  LEVERAGE.  You’re likely not going to live like stated above by working for someone else and building equity in someone else’s company.  

Keith Abell, RPh CIP MI

Save Money, Get Healthy, Create Wealth!

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