What Is Massive Action? – Post 173

What Is Massive Action, and how can massive action change my life forever?

Here is a summary of the five steps I just laid out.

    1. Knowledge Is Power Only When It’s Coupled with Action
    2. Have a Clear Vision of Your Destination
    3. Evaluate and Fine Tune As You Go
    4. Value and Manage Your Time
    5. Begin Today

Massive Action Boost: a Secret Weapon for Immediate Change

A body in motion tends to stay in motion; conversely, a body at rest tends to stay at rest. You may have become comfortable with your present way of doing things even if it doesn’t work for you or get you where you really want to go. To get yourself out of your comfort zone and boost yourself into massive action, schedule a concrete time to begin your task and set a small window of time to work on it. For example, in my business many people have a goal to make two presentations each day. We have a slogan of two a day ten in play. By having the goal of two a day, over time we will always have ten people that are in various levels of evaluating our business. To achieve the goal of two a day we recommend setting a small amount of time each day to make contacts and stick to it. Don’t allow any other distractions during that time. Once we develop the consistent habit of doing this day in and day out it then becomes easier to transition into taking all out massive action to achieve all out massive results. Before you know it, you will take swift and regular steps in the direction of your most inspiring vision for your life.

The life you want is yours for the taking… and the making. What is massive action? It is your personalized vehicle to deliver you to the life you’ve always wanted, and you are in the driver’s seat.
“The path to success is to take massive, determined action.”–Anthony Robbins

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