Let Go Let God — The Law of Attraction – Post 174

Let Go and Let God

Today’s blog post is a little off the normal topic but I felt a real strong prompting to talk about this. I
am a big proponent to the “law of attraction.” I have personally seen this universal law manifest itself in my life. Being a Christian, I believe that God is the center of the universe and everything comes from God and the Law of Attraction is God at work in our life. In my own personal life I can look back throughout the past a see just how this Law has affected my life in every way without me even being aware of it. There has been numerous times that I have gone through some very challenging times. In each and every one of those times I gave the problem to God. I prayed, read scripture, contemplated. And in every instance the answers came to me and I followed them. Now that I have been following and became aware of the law of attraction the phrase “Let Go and Let God” has taken on a new meaning.

I’ve heard people throughout my life claim that they gave their problems to God and nothing happened. Because of this they now have doubt about the existence of a higher power. They even ask, if God really did care then why does he answer some peoples prayers and not others. They say I asked and I trusted but nothing happened?

I never really could answer that reason why. Why did it work for some? Why didn’t it work for others? We see people like Joel Osteen, he gets up there every day and talks about God answering. He talks all the time about great things happening to people when they give it to God. I saw the same things but I could never answer the WHY?

Well this past year I came across a movie called, “the secret.” Now the movie tends to be a little too much on the “new age” side but as a Christian I really connected to what was said in the movie. It talked about putting out there what it is that you want to attract into your life. I found the principle so fascinating because as I mentioned before I could look back in my past and see instance after instance where I put fourth a desire and over time I attracted into my life all the pieces to make it a reality.

I started exploring why this seemed to work for me in the past. I started reading more and more books and viewing videos on the subject. What I discovered is there is just a little more involved in the process than just asking. I could see many times in my past when I asked and nothing happened. I started looking at what it was exactly that I did that was different from the times in my life when I did not have success. What I discovered, just as Bob Proctor, Joel Osteen, Pat Robertson and many, many other people where saying. We have all heard the scripture, ask and you shall receive, but have you looked a little further in the scripture. In every instance when someone asked and received there was another step involved. In every instance the person took an action. They believed enough in the fact that they would receive they took an action toward receipt of what they asked for. They Let Go and Let God then acted as if God had already answered them moving themselves toward that goal.

Think about it, every time someone came to Christ and asked for a healing what was Christ’s response? He told them to go do something, take an action, take a leap of faith, show they believed by taking an action and then they were healed. For example he told the leapers to go down to the river and wash themselves and they were healed. He could have just healed them without them taking the action. But he gave them instructions to follow and then when they took that action they received what they asked for.

The same thing has happened in my life so many times and can’t even count.

When I lost my job at the end of 2011 God had already put into action the path for me to follow to replace that income. The problem was is that I was not ready to Let Go and Let God. I had forgotten what had learned throughout my life. Yes I was praying for help but I wasn’t listening, letting go and following His lead. I was following my own lead. Doing what I thought was the right thing. I wasn’t really believing and trusting that things would turn around. I resisted the path God was laying out in front of me and I was stuck on the idea that I had to get another full time pharmacist job. God had in mind a new direction for me and I just couldn’t see it. It’s true in the back of my mind I wanted to move away from pharmacy. I had been praying for years for God to show me a new direction but I wasn’t willing to listen and let God.

What changed? Like I said God put the movie “The Secret” in my path. He knew spiritually that I was ready for the message even though the movie was not a Christ centered message. He knew in my religious formation that I would see this movie in context of my Christian background. He knew that my intellectual side would pursue this idea further and look at how this principle applied to my walk with him.

So here I am.

I followed God’s lead. I laid my concerns at God’s feet. I knew and expected that God would bring the right people into my life. I knew I had to be willing to be open and follow his lead, that I was open. But the second part of the formula was that I had to be willing to take action to move in that direction. I did not approach the let go and let God concept with the lottery mentality, I approached it with the mentality of taking action in the direction I wanted God to take me trusting that the right doors would open.

Now as I look back I see this occurring all around me. Every time I hear a testimonial from Joel Osteen, every time I read about the life of a Saint, in every instance they didn’t just ask and expect to be given, they actually believed and trusted that it would happen and they began taking steps in that direction. Just look at the life of Mother Teresa. She didn’t just ask, she got down in the trenches and started working trusting that the right people would come to her so she could accomplish her mission. She took action.

Now when I go back and read the parable of the sower the whole story talks about how the sower kept on sowing. He didn’t dwell on why some seed grew and some didn’t, he just kept on sowing. Jim Rohn expressed this so well in his discussion about the sower. Now that I have this understanding and listen to his story it has so much more meaning. Here is a link to the sower and reaper story by Jim Rohn so you can listen for yourself.

The point is folks, set some goals. Really think outside the box. What do you really want to accomplish in life? Now start thinking about what you need to do, what people need to brought into your life to accomplish those goals. Start working toward attracting those things into your life and start taking actions, no matter how small they are that will put you on that path. While you start following that path, relax, let go and let God. Trust in the direction you want to go and keep your mind open to the possibilities then be conscious to the people that come into your life. You will be amazed at what happens. It’s kind of like when you buy a new car or maybe a new pair of boots or something. Once you buy it you suddenly see other people all around you that have the same thing. They have been there all along you just never noticed. The same thing happens once you Let Go and Let God and you open up your mind to be conscious to the people around you that can help you move in that direction. They have been there all along. God will bring them to you if you trust.

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