Stick Out Your Neck! – Post 177

It’s been a few weeks since my last post because things have been incredibly busy for me. I’m shooting today’s post in front of my daughter’s turtle aquarium because I wanted to illustrate a point.

Zig Ziglar once said that the “turtle never makes any progress until it sticks out its neck.”

I want you to really think about that for a second.

It doesn’t make any progress until it sticks out its neck.

That has been so true for me.

You know I started doing my home business on a very part time basis several years ago and to be quite honest, I didn’t have much success. I made all the usual excuses, my upline won’t help me, I don’t know anyone, I just don’t have the time I need to spend, I’ve got all these chores around the house the need to be done.

You know how it is, one excuse after another.

These were all delay tactics, just ways to procrastinate instead of doing the things that I needed to do.

It wasn’t until I finally stuck my neck out, stepped out of my comfort zone and just did what needed to do, only then did I start seeing success happen for me.

At the end of last year I plugged into several things that really made the difference for me. I realized through my deeper exploration into the law of attraction that things just weren’t going to happen no matter how much I wanted to attract them to me if I didn’t take the initiative. I am a Christian so I am going to use an example from my faith that actually opened my eyes but as I study the law of attraction and how the law works I found that the same principles hold true.

I think it was a bible verse that Joel Osteen pointed out that finally opened my eyes. I don’t even know what the verse was now but I remember him pointing out all the people in scripture that asked God for something, they had faith that it would happen and then actually took some initiative to move toward that faith.

I realized that just praying for something to happen and trusting that it would happen wasn’t the total picture. Doing that was treating God as if he was a lottery ticket. I wanted something for nothing.

I realized you have to take that faith to the next level and not just trust that it will happen but make your own move in the right direction.

The bible verse Faith without works is dead is what comes to my mind right now. You have to have faith and then actually do something physically before it would manifest.

That is what is taught with the law of attraction as well. You have to believe that the desired outcome was going to happen but you also had to move in the direction for it to occur as well.

And that is exactly what I did.

Toward the end of the year I made a bold statement about the new year. I proclaimed that this year would be my best year ever. I laid out all of the reasons why I felt that it would work out. I looked at what it would take on my part and what or who I would have to bring into my plan to move in that direction. I put a plan into place to move me in the correct direction and then I started implementing the plan.

Like the turtle, I stuck my neck out. Since then my organization has grown to over 100 people. I now have groups working and growing in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee, My Louisville group is getting off the ground now and I have a group forming in Lexington and New York City. My connections with Doc Wallach, Brandy Brogdon, Ted Anderson and the Genesis Communications Network have brought me possibilities that I hadn’t even considered back in December.

So the message today is to stick out your and start making progress. Quit making excuses. Quit blaming others. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, If I worked for me and I worked like I’ve been working would I fire me. If the answer is yes then it is time to make some bold moves, stick out that neck and start moving toward your goals.

I know the economy is getting tighter and times are getting rougher so if you are looking for a way to make a few hundred extra dollars each month, a few thousand a month or if your are looking for a way to totally replace or even exceed your current income then contact me. I’ve assembled a team of home business entrepreneurs that want to help teach you our simple to follow system so you can have success and help others earn that extra income as well.

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