Worried About Job Security – Post 178

On April 4 the PRNewswire did a report on how American workers felt about unemployment and their own job security. They reported that despite the reported gradual decrease in unemployment numbers that 56% of employees are worried about job and benefit security as they watch how their employers grappled with these issues.

PRNewswire went on to quote from the new Harris Poll Job Security Index which tracks American workers feelings on job security. The Harris Poll which was conducted in mid March found that:

  • Three out of four workers, that’s 77%, believe their benefits will be reduced especially their health benefits.
  • Three out of five or 64% believe their salaries will not increase.
  • 50% believe they will be asked to do more work for the same pay.
  • One out of five, that’s 20% say it is likely they will have their salary or hours reduced.
  • 14% believe they stand a chance of losing their job in the next three months.
  • And finally a whopping 32% believe if they were forced to look for another job in the next three months they wouldn’t be likely to find one.

Folks in the current economy the employer’s have all the leverage. They are faced with so many threats to their bottom line from increased government regulation, increased taxation, more fierce competition, and a reduced consumer base they have to watch their cost more closely than ever. Coupling those threats with the huge demand for employment; they are in the position to demand more productivity at lower compensation levels. Quite frankly there are a lot of people that are willing to work for less just to get a job.

Just to illustrate a point, I am a pharmacist. A few years ago there was a huge shortage in pharmacists pushing our salaries skyward. In fact, there was such a shortage I could walk into any pharmacy and demand a sign on bonus on top of a high salary and in most cases they would have paid it. Recently, because of a combination of few things, a huge increase in the number of colleges graduating pharmacist; a huge influx of pharmacists from over seas; and the affordable care act with all of its uncertainties on reimbursement for services, that huge shortage has now turned into a major glut of pharmacist.

Because of the glut of pharmacists new graduates coming out of school with higher degrees are accepting jobs for as much as $25,000 less than I was getting on my base pay. Add to that the cost of my benefits especially the multiple weeks of vacation time, despite the many years of loyal service and the loyal customer base I built, I had become a financial liability instead of an asset and like many others in the current economy, I lost my job.

Fortunately for me I was already exploring other possibilities to generate additional income.  I knew I did not want to remain in the high pressure world of retail pharmacy especially at a much reduced salary. Before losing my job I had already experienced a major reduction in pay, you see I worked on average 70 hours per week and they had already cut out overtime pay and many of the travel expenses I enjoyed. Just those cuts alone had already reduced my salary by nearly 20%. And now the base pay for new graduates was drastically less than I was making.

The salary and long hours away from home weren’t the only reason I didn’t want to return to pharmacy. I got into the business to help people get better. Instead, I was seeing the health of the patients that I really cared about gradually deteriorate and even though I knew there where better ways I wasn’t in a position to do anything about it.

So when I lost that job I knew what I wanted to do. I knew what industry I wanted to be a part of, and I knew what company within that industry I wanted to join. I spent all of 2012 exploring and learning everything I could from the top leaders and producers in the industry.

At the end of last year I secured commitments from the founder of the company himself to mentor me and teach me what I needed to know to build a team of people. A team to help others achieve financial stability and create the incomes they desired. By helping others I would be able to replace what I was earning as a pharmacist. Together we laid out a game plan for 2013.

I announced at the end of 2012 that 2013 was going to be the best year despite all the economic hardships. I expressed why I knew this it was going to be a success and then we put together a 90 day game plan for the first quarter of the year, executed that game plan and as of the end of March I exceeded all my expectations for the first 90 days. I now have a team of 141 distributors and customers located in 19 states and 2 foreign countries. My income has also jumped considerably but I have only just begun.

Now, with the help of the founder of this company and some of its other top leaders I have laid out another game plan for the second quarter. The founder has again committed to helping me in any way possible. And now I am ready to implement my aggressive plans for this new quarter. In fact the leaders are so sure of my continued success that they have committed to help me put on a major event in the third quarter to help my team celebrate their success.

Look I don’t know how to say this any more simply. We have put together a very simple to follow and simple to duplicate system for success. Let me try to illustrate it this way.

Can you make a better hamburger than McDonalds?

Can You?

Of coarse you can.

But let me ask you this, can you put together a more successful plan for success than what McDonalds did?

I doubt it.

You know why their business model is such a success?

Because it’s duplicated throughout their entire organization. If you want to have a successful hamburger franchise then invest half a million to a million dollars and follow their system to a T and you will have success. I can’t remember a single McDonalds in my city ever going out of business even though many of the other well known franchises have.

The leaders of my company have done the same thing; we have simplified our system and made it easily duplicable. We’ve implemented a compensation plan that is very lucrative. It not only pays well for the seasoned veterans of our company but it is also designed to help the newest leaders create a profit quickly as long as they follow the system.

In fact the car bonus is so easy to reach we recently had a 19 year old college student from Kansas earn the car bonus in less than 2 weeks. Of coarse his results aren’t typical but they are very possible.

Folks, all I need now are some leaders to take charge and teach others how to duplicate our success. I can’t take my business to the next level alone.

Whether you are looking for a part time income, we’ve got it.

If you are looking for a full time income, we’ve got it.

If you are looking for an income to take your life to the next level then we’ve got that also.

The best thing about our system is that it can be implemented around whatever line of work you are doing now on a part time of full time basis. I need a team of outgoing people that are willing to role up their sleeves and commit with me to do exactly as I train them so we can help as many people as possible to improve their financial situation and to improve their health at the same time.

If you are willing to follow me then you don’t have to become one of the employment statistics I mentioned before. I am scheduling meetings in various cities so people can come and learn about what I’m doing and how my team and I can help you achieve your financial goals as well. Contact me so I can help you get started on the road to success. If you have any questions or would like information about building a team near you feel free to complete the contact form and we will get with you as soon as possible.

Let me and my team show you how you can get healthier, create more time freedom and show you were to get the additional income needed to accomplish both. Don’t be one of the statistics; let us show you that there is a better way. http://AIMHighForSuccess.com