29 Places To Find Leads – Post 203

In today’s message I want to share with you 29 different sources for finding leads. Most of the methods discussed in this video won’t cost you anything. The remainder will only cost you whatever you have to pay for the cards, buttons, signs etc. These are one time charges and have minimal cost involved as well.

29 Places To Find Leads

  1. Networking Events
  2. Craig’s List
  3. Facebook Friends
  4. Facebook Groups
  5. Cork Boards
  6. Warm Market
  7. Warm Market Referrals
  8. Google Search – your city Professionals
  9. Google Search – your city Realtors
  10. Google Search – your city Financial Planners
  11. Meetup.com
  12. LinkedIn
  13. Twitter
  14. YouTube
  15. Church Events
  16. Toll Both Marketing
  17. Drop Cards
  18. Realtor Signs
  19. Realtor Books
  20. Bandit Signs
  21. Clothing Advertising
  22. Car Window / Magnet Signs
  23. Junk Mail
  24. Charity Events
  25. Trade Show Booth Renters
  26. Dr. Offices
  27. Car Lots
  28. Restaurant Owners
  29. Parent Sporting Events

The Key to Winning – Post 202

Occasionally I like to share something I read. Today I want to share with you a message from Denis Waitley. I’ve been reading and listening to Dr Waitley s thoughts for decades starting with a series of audio cassettes called The Psychology of Winning. I hope you enjoy his post and find value in his words.

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The Key to Winning by Denis Waitley

People often ask me, what is the most critical attribute of a winner in life? Without hesitation, I answer that believing you deserve to win is the key. If you believe in your dreams when they’re all you have to hang on to, you begin to try. If you feel you have potential or talent, you’ll invest in it. If you believe you’re worth the effort, you’ll put in the time and energy. If you think you can, you’ll learn how.

Healthy self-esteem is perhaps the most important and basic quality of a winning human being. You want to be able to say: “I like myself. Given my parents and my background, I’m glad I’m me. I realize I may not be the best-looking in the group, but I always look and do my best in every group. I’d rather be me than anyone else in the world.” This is the self-talk of a winner. Winners have developed a strong sense of self-worth, regardless of their status. They weren’t necessarily born with these good feelings, but they’ve learned to like themselves through practice.

The most successful companies in the world know that valued employees are their most precious resource. Valuable employees pass their value on to customers. The result? Excellence and quality. They are the most powerful competitors in the world marketplace. Instead of comparing ourselves to others, we should view ourselves in terms of our own abilities, interests and goals. We can begin by making a conscious effort to upgrade our lifestyle, education and personal development. You always project on the outside how you feel on the inside.

Core values radiate like rings, as when a pebble is thrown in a pond. The self-centered constantly seek approval from and power over others. They try to impress them with their worth rather than express concern for others’ well-being. And their outward appearances usually involve ways to hide their real thoughts and intentions.

The value-centered give of themselves freely and graciously, constantly seeking to empower others. Open and modest, they have no need for conceit, the opposite of core value. Feeling good about who they are, and not needing to talk about their victories or line their walls with celebrity photos, people with core values spend much of their time “paying value,” as I call it, to others. When praised, they share the spotlight. When they make mistakes, they view them as learning experiences and accept responsibility.



Are You Hungry – Post 201

Are you REALLY hungry or do you let your Self Image stand in your way of success?
When deciding to approach someone about your opportunity, whether its your warm market or total strangers,
  • do you choose your Self Image over your family’s security?
  • do you choose your Self Image over your financial future?
  • do you choose your Self Image over time with your family?
  • do you choose your Self Image over the success of your business?
 This is a great video form another network marketer that I follow. I hope you enjoy this and share it with everyone on your team. (While you are here be sure to subscribe to my blog so you can get all the latest posts).