It All Starts with YOU – Post 206

I recently read a book by Randy Gage called “Making the First Circle Count that has inspired me to make this next series of blog posts. Everything we do in this business goes back to the first circle – the one that says “You” in it.

Many people demand spillover and see it as their birthright. So if their sponsor hasn’t built out a good portion of their structure for them, they’re quick to place the blame on that sponsor for the less-than-successful results they are experiencing.

Others place the blame on their team because they haven’t done enough to make us rich. 

The bonus check you receive every month has your name on it, no one else’s. Once you accept that, you’re ready to create success. And to do that, you must operate in accord with the Law of the First Circle.

To Order Randy Gage’s Book Click Here:

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