Setting a Standard of Integrity – Post 207

In network Marketing we all get approached from time to time by someone from another line looking to switch lines. They weren’t happy with their sponsor and wanted to join our team.

While the volume would certainly have been nice, You need to reject it immediately, because it isn’t the right thing to do. You don’t want a war with other lines, and you wouldn’t appreciate when someone tries to poach someone from your team. And you certainly can’t complain about such action if you sanction it on your own team.

Besides, you will just fall asleep better at night when you know you’ve operated in integrity throughout the day.

It’s important in your organization to operate by ten core qualities that you should ingrain into the culture at every level. One of the principles included in those core qualities is always doing the right thing. If you do this in your organization, you will see a full range of benefits across your business and your life.

Like everything else we’re discussing, it all begins with you.

When you demonstrate that the business is done with integrity, then that behavior will become the standard throughout the team. This doesn’t mean you’ll never have bad people. Sometimes you will. But they will find the culture intolerable and will quickly move on to somewhere else.

I think one of the most attractive elements of our business versus the corporate world is the integrity we practice. In the workday world, there is a rat-eat-rat mentality and people are rewarded for undermining others to make themselves look better. The drama of things like office politics, discrimination, and accounting scandals is wearing very thin on a lot of people in that space.

They look at our world and see a system where success comes from people helping others reach success, where the sponsorship line gets paid for reaching down and mentoring their team, and there is unlimited space at the top levels of success.

That’s pretty intoxicating and it’s attracting a lot of refugees from the traditional workforce. To keep that in effect, you need to be vigilant about the ways your team does business.

And that starts with you…

  • Is your word good?
  • Do you honor copyrighted material or are you making counterfeit copies?
  • Are you abiding by all local laws and paying your taxes?
  • Do you respect other distributors’ guests at open events and make sure they sign up with the person who invited them?
  • Are you paying for the marketing materials and events and is your check good?
  • Do you respect the sanctity of marriage vows, both yours and others?
  • Do you keep your product claims and testimonials to those approved by the company?
  • Are you representing your own income and your company’s earning potential accurately and honestly?

All of these things are part of the bigger picture of how you run the business. When you run it with integrity, you will attract and retain good people, your team will know how to respond in any situation, and you will be operating by the laws of prosperity. You’ll reach success sooner, and your success will withstand temporary challenges to stand the test of time. And more importantly, you’ll feel good about your business and derive a lot more satisfaction from it.

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