Why Residual Income is Important to Your Family – Post 216

Today I want to talk with you about residual income. Why it’s so important for you and your family to create residual income. I’m going to share that with you and maybe share an answer that you are not expecting.

My mission with this video is two-fold. Number one, I want to answer the question “why residual income?” and number two I want to arm you with a way to tell others about this.

I’ve struggled with explaining why other people should do a home based business that creates residual income and this video will absolutely help explain that. So feel free to share this video with anyone that you feel could benefit.

If you have a home business where you are creating a residual income then share it with your team so they can better tell people about it.

So why residual income?

Well residual income is money that comes into your household whether you roll over in bed or get out of bed.  It comes in whether you punch a clock or not. It’s money that’s coming in, scheduled just to come in no matter what your work output is for that particular month or the months thereafter.

So what’s the problems with creating a residual income?

How come more more people don’t do it?

Well, residual income takes one of two things.

Money or time.

If you have plenty of money; If you’re just loaded to the max, you can buy investments that create monthly income, you can buy apartment complexes that produce residual income; laundromats; maybe at the lower level, vending machines; You can buy things that will spit out residual income for you.

There’s risk obviously, the stock market is volatile, even in real-estate, anytime you have to put out a lot of money to invest in something, there’s a risk involved.

When I say a lot money I mean tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars, there is a risk.

A million dollars invested in a CD today would only generate about $1,200 per month so if you want any kind of decent return you have to take a little more risk.

And how many of us have that amount laying around to invest right now anyway?

So the other thing I mentioned is time. Now time is something that most people don’t have enough of but we do have some.

Now here’s my thing, this is one of the reasons I love network marketing, it’s that it is the lowest risk, lowest overhead way for you to build a residual income. It just is, that’s a fact. Both Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump have said that if they had to do it all over again, if they where just starting out they would have started with network marketing.

I don’t think there’s an argument that it is the lowest risk, lowest overhead way to build residual income.

You can get involved no matter if you have a high school education, a college degree, whether you have anything. With only five hundred dollars or less, you can create a business. You can have a business for probably a couple hundred bucks a month and create a residual income that’s unstoppable, that is unlimited.


So the reason you want residual income is so you can have freedom. Without residual income there is no freedom.

Now maybe you love your job. OK, I’m not suggesting to you that you have to give that up to build residual income. If you love your job stay there but let’s add some residual income. Let’s add a little bit more money.

Everyone wants that right? Why not have that? Why not do that?

If you want nice things and unless you’re a trust fund baby; unless you’re someone who just got a big inheritance; if you want nice things you are going to work hard.

You’re going to.

I worked really really hard at the phone company. I worked really really hard as a pharmacist. I worked really really hard putting in 70 to 80 hours per week. None of the jobs I’ve ever had in the past created a residual income for me.

But I worked really really hard.

If you want nice things you’re going to have to work hard. So when you say that you don’t want to do network marketing or you don’t have an interest in residual income then understand. . . if you want nice things you are going to have to work hard.

But let’s look, let’s vision that out.

If you work really really hard on your job and you reach the top position of CEO or boss, manager, whatever it is in your world, will that create freedom for you?

Or will it create more of the same job.

More responsibility.

More headache.

and probably more of your time.

When you stop showing up to that work, will they continue to pay you?

Or does that income go away?

So a job in almost every case is temporary money, it’s a temporary solution to a permanent problem.

You see the permanent problem is that you want nice things. You want freedom in your life.

That’s a permanent thing.

A job or anything that does not produce a residual income or even the potential for residual income, is a temporary solution to that permanent issue. So no matter what you’re doing; whether you love your job or you hate your job; It doesn’t matter, if you want nice things you’re going to work hard.

If you know you’re gonna work hard, why not work hard at something that’ll pay you the rest of your life?

Why not work hard at something that the highest rank or position you achieve is going to create total freedom for you?

So understand when I talk to a friend and they say they’re not interested, I remind them of the alternative. I remind them that, okay, just so you know, I’m gonna build this over here. I’m going to build a team that’s going to create residual income. That’s going to pay me every single month and you’re going to stay at your job.

That’s totally cool and when you stop that job they’re going to stop paying you.

Just understand, both of us will be working hard, but over here I have the promise;

I have the potential;

I have the possibility of

  • being rich;
  • of being wealthy;
  • of having freedom;
  • of being able to travel the world.

Over here,

  • promise,
  • hope,
  • time,
  • fortunes,
  • wealth,
  • riches.

And over there, a job.

Over there, temporary.

Over there, stops when you stop.

Understand when you decide whether or not you want to do network marketing. Whether or not you want to create residual income, you’re gonna work hard. Why not work hard at something that can fulfill your dreams?

So I hope you got benefit out of this blog post.

If you did please share and comment I always appreciate your comments. I hope I gave you maybe a little bit different spin on residual income and why it’s so important to you in your life. If you want to find out more about what I’m doing to create a residual income please visit http://AIMHighForSuccess.com or call my information hotline toll free at 866-257-3105

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