You are being Punished for what you did before. – Post 218

According to Eric Worre, a person is either Punished or Rewarded for what they did BEFORE Network Marketing. When it comes to a warm market then, what a person did before MLM will affect how people respond to them. Knowing this is key and can be used to ones benefit. Let me give an example.

If someone is known by their warm market as a successful business person then almost any biz-op script will work. That’s why when a really successful person joins network marketing they knock it out of the ballpark. However when they share how they are doing it with others it just does not work to the same degree that it did for the successful person. That’s because they are known in their circle as being a success so no matter how they present the business it works but 90% – 95% of the distributors out there don’t have the same success.

A successful business person, business owner, or sharp professional, someone that is known well by others as a success, approaches someone by saying “I’m doing his thing, I’m going to run with it hard and am going to do it with or without you, but I would love to do it with you, you wanna run with me?” No mention of the comp plan, no mention of the product, no mention of the car bonus, people join them so they can run with the successful person. They are already known as successful, but that only applies to about 5% of the population.

If someone has never been associated with anything business oriented, that script will not work because there is already a pre-conceived idea. Think about it, if someone that has worked at the 7-11 or taco bell most of their life, someone that’s never been known as a success, when they approach their friends with the same way that the successful business person did, their friends are going to laugh at them, mock them or make excuses about why they can’t or won’t join. However, if that same person approaches them with “Hey, I’m doing a side project to make some extra money and would love your support in checking out the product, I think it could benefit you!” they are going to say sure, or what’s the product, etc. because after all, they’re a friend, they want to do them a favor.

I’m always talking about how important it is to get people to join that want to be business builders but after thinking about what Eric said I realize that, when it comes to the warm market, most people have difficulty with having others take them serious enough to really consider joining in that capacity. I also think that most of people don’t even see themselves in that capacity and this is precisely what makes people procrastinate and never get around to approaching their warm markets.

Keeping all of this in mind, the number one goal is to get everyone to look at the business opportunity. Knowing that it’s not going to happen for most based on peoples past experiences, based on the preconceived ideas of success or failure that ones warm market holds, it is best for most not to approach their warm market with the business opportunity. To get more people to look at the opportunity it would be best for most to approach by asking for a favor of support by using “Hey I’m doing a side project to make some extra money and would love your support in checking out the product, I think it could benefit you!” and then follow it up by showing a tool that not only shows the product but also exposes them to the business opportunity.

At the very least a new product user can be enrolled, at most the friend could reply after seeing the presentation with, “Why wouldn’t I want to join?”


Keith Abell, RPh
Pharmacist, Home Business Entrepreneur

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