Are you married to your JOB? – Post 229

Would it be okay if I shared some very short, key little tips that will have people asking you for a presentation? 

This is the first blog in a series of blogs that I will be posting over the next few weeks to help you get more people looking at your business. So if you want to be notified whenever I put up another blog post, be sure to subscribe.

Let’s face it here in network marketing nobody’s ever come up to you and said, “so Steve or . . .  so Sally, have you open any new businesses you want to tell me about.”If the business is gonna come up we have to bring it up. The problem is most people are totally unaware of how to bring up the business. They get lots and lots of rejections. 

This is the first post in a series of posts that I will be writing over the next few weeks to help you get more people looking at your business. Like I mentioned before if you want to be notified whenever I put up another post be sure to subscribe. These blogs will deal with individual situations that we all face in network marketing. 

  • Like calling people that we called before about other deals.
  • What to say when we run into somebody at a soccer game.
  • How to work internet leads.

So there will be one solid tip, something that you can use and instantly get the result you want, which is a yes. 

Now I guess the best way to tell this story is to turn the clock back a little bit when I was struggling in network marketing. Basically I read somewhere and I don’t even remember where but somebody posed a question that changed my life and I’d like to share that with you.At the time I was really struggling, I couldn’t sponsor anybody and the more I talked the more people ran away from me. Instead of being a magnet I was kind of like a reverse magnet. Like I had the plague, and I was too distraught. 

What he said was would you be willing to forget everything ever you learned about network marketing.

I was on the verge of tears. I had a family to provide for, house payments to make, no job and I was just at my wits end and in the book he laid out a scenario that went something like this . . .

I want you to imagine a situation. There was a woman named Nancy who’s cashing checks and someone named Al who was not cashing any checks at all. They have great hygiene, they live in the same town, they were sponsored on the same day, into the same company, they have the same product, they’re working the same compensation plan, going to the same meetings, they have the same upline, they have the same sponsor. Everything is the same. They come from the same socio-economic background. If Nancy’s cashing huge checks and Al is not cashing any checks all what do you think the difference is?

As I read this these three words came to mind that has changed my destiny. They were “I don’t know.” He said If you don’t know then you are gonna be able to make a lot of money. He said the difference between Al and Nancy is skills. Nancy simply says and does something different. 

I thought about what he said a lot. It’s all about learning new skills. Now look at it this way, when I was in the insurance business years ago I decided I wanted to become a pharmacist. When you change occupations you need to learn some different skills to be effective so in the case of pharmacist, I had to go back to college and learn new skills. 

Yet there I was, I’d joined more than a dozen different network marketing organization and never had any success and it never occurs to me that I need to learn some different skills just like when I went back to college to become a pharmacist.

So what we’re gonna do is talk about the number one skill because I’ll be candid with you, if I was starting all over again in network marketing the first thing I would teach my people is what I’ll be teaching over the next few weeks.

You’re gonna have to talk to people. They’re not gonna bring the business up. You have to bring the business up . . . but . . . you need to do it in a way so that they’re leaning forward and they’re ready to buy, ready to join, they are asking YOU for a presentation and it has to meet three criteria. Because if it doesn’t meet these three criteria new people aren’t going to want to use it.

  • Number one, it’s gotta be rejection free and this is really twofold, not only does it have to be rejection free but you have to be able to bring the business up to people over and over and over again without them knowing you’re bring up the business. So rule one is rejection free.
  • Rule two is simple; you can’t embarrass or pressure a prospector because that’s just bad manners and nobody wants to join a business where they have to use bad manners to build it.
  • And the third criteria is; it has to have a high probability of the prospect saying, “What do you mean” . . . or . . . “oh really, how does that work.”

So I’m gonna give you one tip right now and these tips really break down into two categories. One category is when you’re talking to people on the phone and the other category is when you’re face to face with people.

Would it be ok if I give you one tip right now so you can see the difference?

We’ve all had this experience, we’ve been out in a restaurant or an electronic store or whatever when there’s been a helpful clerk and we want to bring the business up.

What do we usually say?

“We’re expanding our business worldwide and we’re in several countries and we have a product that’s going to save the world and save the whales you’ve gotta take a look at this thing, you’ll make lots of money” and of course their sales filter goes up and they say next please.

I think the best way to illustrate this is let’s say you and I went in to a restaurant, and you can try this out for yourself. You and l, we’re in a restaurant and we are at separate booths. You order a burger and some fries and a coke. And I’m four booths over and I order a burger, fries and a coke. We’re both with the same company and the waitress comes over once you’ve finished your meal and she says, “Will there be anything else” and you say “yes, I’m looking for entrepreneurial type. I’m with the wonderful company from the wonderful city of the wonderful state of Utah and the owners are wonderful and they don’t kick dogs and the go to church every Sunday and they help wonderful charities” and the waitress thinks of course oh my gosh he’s in a cult.

So what happens is she tells you she’s not interested she has other parties to take care of. 

You go out to the parking lot and you say what a poor and miserable business and you buy the biggest lie in network marketing which is you just have to find the right people. (See my post, The Biggest Lie in Network Marketing).

Now she comes to my booth and asks, “Will there be anything else” and I say “well yes I have a question for you . . . are you married to your job or are you open-minded.” Now she’s thinking I don’t want to be a waitress here at Denny’s my whole life “well yeah I’m open, what’s this all about” of course then you have several options which we will discussion in later posts.

I get out to the car and I say “what a poor and miserable business, I can’t even go out for a decent burger without people bothering me and begging me for a presentation” because I can guarantee you the waitress is gonna be so what’s it all about, how can I get some information.

What was the difference? 

Eleven and a half words. 

Here’s the point: 

  • Everybody you know wants more money,
  • They want to pay less taxes
  • They would like more time with the people that they care about
  • And of course they want better health

So if everybody wants those things, how come they say no?

It’s skills, it’s simply about what we do . . . and what we say.

So the format is, I’m gonna give you at least nine more posts. They will be much shorter than this one and I hope you enjoy them and get some value out of them. Each one deals with a specific situation that’ll help you get the prospect leaning forward, ready to buy and ready to join and they’re rejection free.

So remember it’s real simple next time you’re out in public try this, “are you married to your job or are you open minded” because if they just ignore you, have they rejected you . . . or the business . . . or the company? 

Absolutely not.

If you found value in this post be sure to subscribe to this blog so you can be notified when I post the next tips. Enjoy them, share them with your team because I think you’re gonna love them and you’re going to be able to bring the business up to the same people over and over and over.

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