Indians, Lies, Crossroads – Post 230

Understanding the Process Makes Lots of Money

It’s the old west and you’re being chased. They are hot on your heels and will kill you. You come to a fork in the road. One road leads to certain death the other leads to safety.

An Indian is sitting at the fork. There are 2 tribes in the area. One tribe always tells the truth, the other always lies. You only have time for 1 question. There is no way of telling which tribe the Indian sitting at the fork is from.
What question do you ask so you know, with 100% certainty, which road to take?

Don’t miss the point of the riddle; it’s far more important than the answer.

The answer to the riddle is irrelevant. I’ll let you figure that out, its just an exercise in logic. Let’s get to the point. A business is dynamic and if it is to survive the early going once we ‘birth’ a business, we’ve got to protect it, nurture it, help it grow.   Agreed?
The decisions we make, what to do, how to do it, where to focus etc., determine not just the life span of the business but also the quality of life, the profitability, of our business.


In the riddle the folks chasing us represent the urgency to make decisions. It’s no secret decisive people tend to succeed, indecisive people tend to fail.
Decisive people fail too. How?  Bad decisions.
We come to places in the development of our business where we must choose to go left or right and the road we take, ultimately, will determine the outcome.
The Indian at the crossroad represents ‘expert’ advice and early in our career we don’t know what to do, we seek advice. In our industry, or any industry for that matter, especially in today’s internet world every Tom, Dick and Harry is an ‘expert.’
So wisdom found in the directions, “Don’t miss the point of the riddle; it’s far more important than the answer” not what’s found within the riddle, is profound. The life of your business depends on the decisions you make and when you get to a crossroad you better make darn sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the person who is sending you down a path is telling the truth.
You better know what tribe the expert is from.
Equally important: within each of us are magnificent powers. We can think and ASK the right questions to discern the truth and choose the correct path.
Temptation is a brutal mistress. She always leads to death. The temptation to find a short cut is skillfully exploited by the tribe that always lies. And, you already know it. The glut of people who claim to know the correct path, [easy, fast, automated, you’ll get rich, everyone who uses this makes tons of money, don’t get left behind with ‘old school’ thinking] with fancy websites and testimonials and income claims is staggering.
But within us lies common sense, the handmaiden to discernment. Why would someone who knows a ‘secret’ or have an ‘automated sponsoring system’ sell it instead of capitalize on it within their own group?
Would you put yourself and your team in competition with every one in the world?  Cause they’re wonderful and just love people?   Puh-leeze.
It’s obvious which tribe they hail from, eh?
I promise with a little thought you can figure out the riddle.
Don’t miss the point. Talk to the $10,000+ earners IN YOUR upline who have a financial interest in you and you’ll always choose the correct path.
KEY: Once you are a 10,000+ monthly earner, NEVER testify to the value of a new ‘gizmo’ until your test it.  Test before testimony.
Your group will know what tribe you are in, seek you out and you’ll be able to direct them to the correct path.
Leader’s take the arrows for their teams, they don’t ask the team to take arrows for them. I began following “Big Al” and using his training materials after I verified he had made TONS of money as a distributor. I listened, learned, applied, tested, THEN recommended him AFTER I got results.  I also listened to a TON of junk ~ my teams have not had to.
Here’s a second riddle to ponder.
“Nothing can permanently deny its own true nature” Emerson
“You must become the change that you seek” Gandhi
I was told, and the advice was dead-on-center, that once I figured out that those 2 statements said exactly the same thing I would experience riches beyond my imagination in every area of my life.
So, how are they the same?
Let’s do this, if you would be so inclined.  Leave a couple of comments here; how you feel about the value of the first riddle and what you believe the second riddle means.  I’d appreciate hearing from you.
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