People Love Stories – Post 231

As you know in this series we’re covering two types of situations. Calling people on the phone and talking to people. Today we will discuss one of those social situations but you can also use over the phone if you have a casual conversation with someone and it works wonderfully. The reason is people love stories. So would it be ok if I told you this little story?
Remember, for any statement to be effective it has to follow our three rules for recruiting
  1. It has to be rejection free
  2. It can’t embarrass or pressure the prospect
  3. most importantly it’s got to have a high probability of them responding positively to what you’re saying

This phrase works better than just about anything that I’ve ever come across. It goes something like this, “Hey John, I heard a good story. It might make you a few bucks, might not. It only takes about 90 seconds. Wanna hear it.”

What happens is they get curious and say, “well yeah.”
They say yes about 90 to 95% of the time (all of the things I’ll be sharing on these posts work about 90 to 95% of the time).
So what’s the little story.
“Well as you know the government takes a big chunk out of our paycheck every week. Add to that sales tax, property tax, even more disappears. Some people have actually found a way to get a hundred dollar tax rebate every week John. Now most people once they hear about this they get kind of excited and curious and they want more information. But honestly you know how some people are they don’t. They’re the kind of people that would rather watch TV, search the internet and drink beer instead of taking care of themselves and their families. John, would you like me to get you some information.
And there you go, you’re done with a really short story.
Keep growing, remember it’s not attitude, it’s not goals and it’s not a burning desire that will build your business. The all-important thing that’ll build your business is skills and in this series what I try to give you is several different situations to help you bring up the business rejection free, because it Johns says no I don’t want to hear the story he hasn’t rejected your business. He hasn’t rejected your company and you can bring the business up to John over and over again.
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