Chicken Lists – Post 233

If the business is gonna come up we have to bring it up. There’s a group of people that all of us know. Maybe we perceive them as being very successful, and very busy. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones on the chicken list. So how do you approach people like that. Well here’s how you can do it, and remember any phrase we use has to follow our three rules,

  1. It has to be rejection free
  2. doesn’t embarrass or pressure the prospect
  3. number three a high probability of getting the desired response which is sure I’ll take a look at it.
This is how you do it. You say “hey John, I came across something that I find extremely powerful and profitable. Now I know your way too busy for something like this but I also know its your nature to help other people. It looks like you could make an extra three, four, five thousand dollars a month here very very part-time. I know that you wouldn’t recommend anything unless you knew what it was so I was wondering if you would take a look at some information and then maybe you could put me together with a couple a people that this would really help them out through these tough economic times.” Now most the time what they say is what’s it all about.
RIGHT THERE, right there what they’ve said is they’re interested.
Now let me tell you why this works so well. If you approach people about money their ego kicks in and they’ll say, “No, I’m doing fine” even if they’re struggling to make rent. By using a third party and asking them to help other people they are very very comfortable saying, “Well what’s it all about.” As soon as they say that they’re interested, stay with the third party, say I’ll get you some information, check it out and I’ll check back with you on Tuesday. Maybe give me a couple names of people that you think could really use help.
Keep learning the skills
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