What do prospects REALLY want to know? – Post 232

I just read this article from Tom “Big Al” Schreiter and I had to share it with you.

When I do my live workshops, I don’t spend any time talking about my credentials. The workshop participants don’t care about my credentials. And, they are right. My credentials won’t make them a cent.

I wrote eight books on how to sponsor distributors. Because I wrote those eight books, not a single workshop participant will earn an extra dollar on their bonus check. Even if my credentials included a Ph.D. degree in Networking, my credentials don’t mean a thing.


The workshop attendees don’t want to know about credentials, they want to know about experiences.

Book theory and my personal bank account balance won’t put money in the workshop participants’ pockets. Real life experiences, case studies, proven ‘real world’ strategies and techniques are what distributors want to hear.

The same principle applies to sponsoring.

What don’t your prospects want to know?

They don’t want to know how big of a car you drive.
They don’t want to know how big your bonus check was last month.
They don’t care how many heavy hitter awards you have won.

All these things are things you accomplished. Your prospects may not believe they have the same skills or abilities to match your accomplishments.

So, what do your prospects want to know?


They want to know how you helped other distributors become successful. They would like to hear about other people in similar circumstances that have been helped by you to become successful.

If you’re successful in networking, you should have lots of these real life experiences to share with prospects. Your sponsoring presentations will be easy.
What if you’re not successful in networking or just starting? What should you do then?

Sounds like a great time to start building your successful experiences. Instead of sponsoring wide, wide, wide, why not concentrate on your best distributor? 

Put some extra effort into helping your distributor make it to the top.

Once you have your first success story, move on to your next. You’ll soon get the reputation of ‘somebody who makes people successful.’

That’s a great reputation to own. And, prospects will be attracted to you.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I have. If so be sure to check out Big Al’s books: http://amzn.to/1mw1yi0 and subscribe to his blog FortuneNow.com

Keith Abell, RPh
Pharmacist – Wellness Consultant
Network Marketing Professional

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