A Little TAX Zen – Post 228

A Little TAX Zen

We’re going to do a little Zen thinking here today.

A tiger in a cage. What’s keeping him in?

Most people think it’s the bars.

I propose that it’s not. It’s the spaces between the bars. Put all the bars together and our tiger walks right out. It is not the bars.

BARS represent belief systems we are loyal to that prevent us from being free. We create our own cages.

Trump, Kiyosaki, Gates & Buffett are shouting from the roof tops that this home based business that we are in is a great business model.

They “get it.”

Get what?

The tax benefit alone, that is cash paid directly to you, is far greater than the cost of doing business.  This means people actually LOSE money if they say “no.”

So what is holding people back from paying less income tax ~ which shows up in your very next pay check ?


Why are people so hesitant about being supported by successful networkers  who went from debt and desperation to peace and prosperity as single moms or guys working 2 jobs for chump change?


Why would people turn a deaf ear to a way to lower taxes, increase income, feel better and be coached by successful people?


Why would people rather debate the merits of Clinton, Obama or whoever ~ something they have no control over ~ instead of helping themselves by helping others?


OK, you get the point.  Or do you?

See, we know before we begin that we are going to run into THE PROBLEM. It would be foolish to think, [although some people do ~ so sad] that by changing companies THE PROBLEM will vanish.

The real problem is not that people respond negatively to a no brainer.  The real problem is that we classify them as losers and keep looking for “the right people.”

As long as we are frustrated with a prospects response, lump them together as closed minded or laugh at them for being to dumb to “get it” we can NEVER see the real problem.

More Zen.  Folks, it’s us, not them.

Huh?  Well, if the same thing keeps happening with the majority of the people we talk to and we look at them as the BARS instead of looking at ourselves we can never get out of that cage.  We can never see the s p a c e s.  In this case the “s p a c e s” epresent the ability to change.

If everyone wants to make more money and they can fund their risk with money they are paying in taxes to the point they are in positive cash flow from Day 1, is there something wrong with them or, maybe . . . just maybe . . . it’s us?

There is a reason they are thirsty, and we can give them water for zero out of pocket, and they say no.
And it’s not them.  It is what we say.

Once I discovered the grocery store story [check out my blog click here to see Grocery Store Story] and look at it differently ~ Zen-like, I stopped criticizing prospects and started to learn what to say in less than 30 seconds so my message would touch their heart, reach their head or both.  They started saying yes 90% of the time to reviewing information and the rest, as they say, is history.

This will not work if one just “wants to learn” what to say.


We cannot receive the power of a few simple words that change the course of our personal success until we embrace it is not the prospects but it is what we are saying that is preventing them from reviewing our information with an open mind.

The Big Lie in Network Marketing – Post-227

The Biggest Lie In Networking Marketing

Want to save alot of money and time in porspecting; In todays post I am going to show you how to do just that.

If our basic assumptions are wrong, it simply does not matter how sound our reasoning is or how precise our planning is.

We are going to fail.

In my Abstract Algebra class we had an exercise where by the number 1 = the number 2 and maintained their individual values.  The prof would the put an example like this on the board.
If 1=2 prove 1.237.984 = 47

It’s really pretty simple to prove that without violating any laws of mathematics.

It does not matter what the 2 numbers are, they can even be fractions. The fact is 1 DOES NOT equal 2.

What is the point?

Examine basic assumptions before you succeed [or listen to a pitch ~ LOL]

The Biggest Lie in Network Marketing, if you fall for it, will let the pitch-person prove why you need additional programs to succeed.  And, like the math exercise, they won’t violate any other truths.

The Biggest Lie in Network Marketing is “You just have to find the right people” and boy do they have the next best system to help you find the right person.

The right people are every where.  Want proof?

Do you know anyone who would not want more money?

Everybody, right?

Do you know anyone who would like to pay less taxes?

Again, everybody.  Yes?

Do you know anyone who would like more time with the people they love?

Silly question.

Do you know anyone that would like to be healthier?

Of course.

So if everyone wants more money, more time, less taxes and to be heathier then the right people are everywhere.

It really depends on what we say in the first 8-15 seconds that makes us successful or unsuccessful in network marketing.

Not convinced?

Try this experiment.

Go to a local grocery store with a friend in 2 cars and get 2 bags of groceries each.  Bring them out in carts.  Wait for a stranger to come by and tell him, “I hurt my back, could you put these in the trunk for me?”

He obliges and you pull out a $100 bill and try to give it to him.  What would he say?

“Oh, that’s OK” or “That is way too much, give it to charity” or “Great, any other chores you want me to do?”

The point is, easy.  Right?

Now he goes by your friend who says the same thing, “I hurt my back, could you put these in the trunk for me?”  He obliges and your friend pulls out a gun, grabs him by the throat and says, “Give me all your money or I’ll blow your brains out!”  Do you think you’d get a completely different reaction?

Look closer.  Same stranger,…completely different reaction.

Network marketing is pretty hard when you don’t know what to say in the first few seconds and buying magic systems and leads is an easy sell if you buy the biggest lie, “you just have to find the right people”
Once we do buy the lie we are pretty easy targets for more magic systems, lead generators etc, but here is when it gets really ugly.  Since we are still saying the same thing, nothing changes except the balance on our credit cards.

Always examine basic assumptions before moving forward.

The right people are everywhere.

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Dr. Seuss’ 5 Lessons on Life – Post 226

 Provide Key to MLM Vault, Sponsoring More & Success


As many of you know three weeks before Christmas in 2011 I found myself without a job.

It was terrifying.

Oh, we had an emergency fund and we were debt free except for the house. I knew I could keep the family fed, clothed and the rest of the essentials covered but…..that’s not really living, is it?

Then a month led to three months, three months led to a year,  Uh-Oh.

So I turned to network marketing, something I had failed at 14 times, with great companies, in the past.

Trying something you’ve failed at once is hard….with no company to blame, it’s even harder to muster belief.  But 14 times?

I like to call it the ‘gift of desperation.’

I enrolled in September 2012 and by Christmas it was pretty clear [the proof is ALWAYS in the printout], I was failing again.

Then 2 things happened that altered the course of history for me.

First, I discovered that network marketing success, like any new venture, requires some skills.   I learned 1 tiny thing about people and the network marketing skills I needed became clear.

The other thing I discovered, controlling my thoughts, was massive.    Let’s be honest here……everybody knows most people join MLMs like me…..under tremendous stress money-wise or time-wise and in most cases, both.  That described me.  Perfectly.

People who say they work better under stress are full of crap.   It is not true.   Some of us thrive under pressure but stress is another animal and there is no debate on this one.

I was under stress and, like all people under stress, our thinking is not great all the time.  I needed to get my head clear, free from stress and generate laser like focus.

Amidst all the criticism, fear etc….. I had to, I knew, sponsor myself.  And become my top producer.

So, I began a journey of self-development, learning from people who have already been there and survived with the scars to show it. One person in particular that I came across in my search for info shared something that he had learned, of all places, while reading Dr Seuss to his daughter, something I did every day when my girl was little.

So what did he discover while reading Dr. Seuss?  What he calls 5 mindset rules for Life. Rules, that when coupled with the skills discovery you get from your personal development; rules that would set you free of the bondage of self.

RULE 1 – “Today you are You, that is truer than true.  There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

Realized that your authentic self is who you are.  Is that ‘you’ that you are right now, coming from fear or faith.   And who are you really?  Do you really care about you and do you want to do better? Do you remain loyal to becoming better daily? Are you good and do you want to improve, everyday.  Not a bad “you.”

This rule has gained greater significance over the past year for me as I, sadly, see people investing in ‘creating’ a brand for themselves that is clearly not them.   Buying into some ‘system’ that will ‘build their brand’ because some alleged ‘expert’ convinced them they must have it to succeed…..is such a sorry ass, irresponsible pile of bullshit.

You don’t build a ‘brand’ …..in Network Marketing you are the brand and really, why would anyone think it’s a good idea to alter the Creator’s amazing creation that you are?

Good grief.

Internet presence?

Sure.  But really, what is a better brand than who you authentically are, right now?

RULE 2 – “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

There’s no one on the planet exactly like you. So why follow the masses to fit in? You joined Network Marketing, just like me, to break from the pack.

I would no longer apologize nor justify that choice.

All this bullshit about being in ‘relationship’ marketing or ‘attraction’ marketing is trying to fit in with what others think.  I no longer hide what I do or make it seem like something more ‘sophisticated’ ….

I’m a network marketer.

I’m proud of that and don’t need different names, labels or concepts to mask what I do.   Neither do you.   You’ve got the guts to go for it……show that off.   We stand out when we stand for something.

RULE 3 – “You have brains in your head.  You have feet in your shoes.  You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.”

Now we’re into the heavy stuff.  No wonder people think your full of crap.

I was.

I kept telling my kids they could be anything they wanted by thinking about what they really wanted [brains in your head] and taking action [feet in your shoes] …….but…….I kept telling them and myself that I couldn’t put the time into what I wanted, [MLM], because of work.   No wonder my kids would roll their eyes.  I realized the direction I had chosen was excuses and failing.

I changed the direction Jan 2012.

Decide to be successful or decide you’ll keep blaming, like I did, the circumstances we create as excuses.  Once you realize every single condition in life is a result of Rule 3 you are instantly devastated and free. It’s a devastating awareness but at the same time, you are now free. Choose your direction right now and get busy moving in that direction.

RULE 4 – “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”


Who cares if Charlie thinks this is scheme or Harriet thinks your nuts. They ain’t feeding your kids, paying the gas bill, or funding your retirement.  Bite me Charlie.  You too Harriet.   You don’t matter.

RULE 5 – “Today I shall behave as if this is the say I shall be remembered.”

Just love everybody, every experience.   Drink it in.  Try to interact with everyone, even if they aren’t interested, as if they are going to suffer a massive heart attack as soon as you are done.   Make them happy, valued….. make their day better.  Since we reap what we sow …..fill your life with compliments, prayers, kind thoughts and encouragement.

Curiously, by killing with kindness the dream stealers will stay away, the Network Marketing bashers and non-supportive ‘friends’ who are ‘just trying to be honest with you’.

What do you think?  Of these 5 little Rules?

Is there one in particular that would make a difference today?

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Dont Let Healthcare Layoffs Affect You – Post 225

I wanted to talk with you about some stories in the news recently. One of KY’s largest hospital providers made an announcement recently that it will be doing some layoffs as a result of the affordable care act. A couple days ago they finally released some figures on the cuts. They will be cutting about current 500 employees and will eliminate about 200 vacant jobs as well.

That got me looking into layoffs in the healthcare field in general.  I found that KYOne is not alone. A hospital chain in Las Vegas announced that they will lay off 40 nurses in addition to 100 other staff. The Cleveland clinic is eliminating 3,000 jobs. And it is estimated that the medical device sector will be losing about 33,000 jobs as a result of the affordable care act.

What is significant about this is in general the healthcare segment has been exempt from this type of cutback in previous down economies. In fact with the affordable care act, because of the increased number of people having access to healthcare one would expect the hospitals would need to be adding to their staffs. Predictions are that there will be a shortage of needed healthcare workers yet these hospital chains are cutting back. Primarily the cut backs are a result of the reduction in reimbursement expected under the affordable care act.

Healthcare isn’t the only sector announcing cutbacks in February of this year. According to government figures 65% of small business will see a significant spike in the premiums for their health insurance plans as a result of the affordable care act. This will affect the insurance of more than 11 million people.

The wall street journal says that 1 out of 6 men between 25 and 54 have no jobs right now. That is about 10.4 million people. They went on to report back in January that the actual unemployment rate hit a record 37.2%

So just how bleak is it really. Well I did a Google search of layoffs for 2014. Here are the ones that were announced just in Feb 2014.

KY State police – 20
Jefferson Co Teachers – 41
KY  Coal 700 more and one major coal producer is filing bankruptcy
United Airlines – 470
LATA Environmental in Paducah, they work with the nuclear industry – 120

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Highmark – 132
Keystone Health – 250
Teva – 5,000
HP – 34,000
IBM – 13,000
Intel – 10,000
Dell – 15,000
Lexmark – 275
Sony – 1,000
Wels Fargo 700
JP Morgan – 17,000
Barclays 12,000
Citi Group – 15,000
General Dynamics – 730
SC Johnson – 400
Sikorsky – 600
Bust Buy – 2000 managers
Sbarro closing 155 stores – 1400
Radio Shack closing 500 more stores
Wal-Mart – 2,300 Sams employees
JCPenny – 2,500
Target – 1175 (500 at corp)
Cox Communications – 600
Verizon – 5,000
Time Inc. – 500
CNN – 40 journalist
Sprint – 500
NY Post – 500
Tribune – 700
Dept. of Defense
6,272 civilians
100,000 Army
50,000 Marines

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