What’s Your Prospect Thinking – Post 243

Everybody says, “I just wish I knew what the other person was thinking.” Sometimes we’re talking about business; sometimes we’re talking about trying to communicate with our kids; sometimes we’re talking about our personal relationships.

Wouldn’t it be great if you actually knew what the other person was thinking?

Well your career in network marketing will change once you discovered the three things that are in the prospects head and how to talk to those three things.

I want to show you how to make recruiting easy and fun, because if it is fun for your team, they are going to do it more often than if it is difficult.

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Fear of Rejection – Post 242

Are you really afraid to call certain prospects?
That tells you a couple things…
  1. First, that they really are great prospects. And that’s why you’re nervous.
  2. Second – and most important thing to remember is this: The greater your fear is of something, the more important it is for you to do it. Because that fear is really your self-sabotage mechanism kicking in to thwart you. That fear is really the worthiness memes you’ve adopted, subconsciously telling you that you’re not good enough, or deserve it enough.
What you think is fear of rejection is actually fear of acceptance. Because what you think is fear of failure is much more likely to be subconscious fear of success.
Embrace your fear.
Then kill it by picking up the phone.

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Fear of Failure – Post 241

Okay you’re scared.

You’re afraid you’ll fail in your network marketing business. But just how rational is that?
Would you believe me if I told you that the odds are dramatically stacked in your favor?

They actually are… Think about it this way: There are successful people in your company, right? Some of them are wildly successful. Here’s what that tells you: The products have demand. The comp plan rewards distributors. The marketing tools work. In other words, the whole process has already been tested and proven. It works.

So what is the only variable?


Or more specifically, whether you will keep trying and keep learning. Because

  • Even if you don’t know everything you need to know yet…
  • Even if your skills are not where they need to be…
  • Even if you mess some things up and make some mistakes along the way…

If you simply stay in the game and continue to work on these things, you will break through, because you’re simply following a process that has already been vetted and proven!

Got it?

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Now that takes us to our last fear: Fear of Rejection. And that’s where we will take up on the next post. In the meantime, share this post with your team and have a talk about it. And always remember this, what you are attempting to do has already been done!

Fear of Success – Post 240

So what scares you the most?
Fear of being rejected?

Fear of failure?

For most people in the world today, the answer is quite shocking. Because the true answer is fear of success.


Now they don’t know that though. In fact, they’d deny it vehemently. That’s because they are the victim of the subconscious programming they are infected with – that they are completely unaware is there. Randy Gage has a book, Why You’re DUMB, SICK & BROKE and How to Get SMART, HEALTHY & RICH that deals exclusively with this issue of mind viruses, and how you get infected by them.
The good news is, just as you can get programmed with a negative mind virus, you can reprogram yourself with a positive one. And your subconscious mind is what governs your whole world. If you make a commitment to consciously choosing what influences you allow yourself to be exposed to, you can eliminate fear of success from your mind. In fact, you can turn fear of success into eager anticipation of success!
The books I mention and blogs like this that you read, the audios you listen to, the videos you watch, and the people you spend time with – all have major roles in how you see yourself, the world, and your role in that world. Fear of success is insidious and destructive. You have no room for it in your life. Blow it up! It will go back to the nothingness from where it came from.

Now that takes us back to our next fear: Fear of Failure. I’ll show you how to get over that, in the next post. Until then, share this with your team. Have a discussion on the topic. And start every day being mindful, of what you’re going to allow to influence you that day.

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Student Loan Debt Crisis – Post 239

I’ve written about this before but as my youngest son starts to finalize his plans for college I had to revisit this subject. I believe the next big crash will come from the student loan industry. You can read my original post by visiting http://AIMHighWIthKeith.com/2013/07/student-loan-crisis_7.html. Just to sumerize what I said before and what I am saying in this video:

  • Student loan debt has quadrupled in the past 10 years.
  • The cost of a college degree has gone up over 600% since 1980
  • Number of student borrows has increased 6^% since 2005
  • Student loan debt now surpasses credit card and automobile loan debt.
  • A degree does not GUARANTEE a job.
I don’t want you to live that way.

I want you to be free; to have choices; to have options; to not spend twenty to thirty years working, to pay for a piece of paper because you will actually more than likely pay for that piece of paper two or three times over by the time they get all the interest charges and fees that have been stacked up against you. I want you to have the choice to use your education to do whatever you want to do in the world and not be a slave to your student loans.

Would it be OK if I shared some more information with you? Some information that will show you how to be free; to have choices; to have options; to not spend twenty to thirty years working, to pay for a piece of paper. How to use your education to do whatever you want to do in life, without being a slave to your student loan debt.

Visit PartTimeCollegeIncome.com Complete the contact information at the bottom of the page and I will contact you with more information.

Facing Your Fears – Post 238

Here’s something you may not know about actor Henry Fonda: He had tremendous stage fright. When he was starring in Broadway shows, he would literally vomit in a bucket backstage, clean up, then go out and deliver a virtuoso performance.
Yet Fonda was as honored as any actor: nominated for two Emmys, taking home a couple of Oscars, winning BAFTA best actor, two Golden Globes, a Grammy and a Tony award.
As acclaimed as Fonda was for acting, Barbra Streisand is for her singing. She’s been making platinum records and winning awards since the 60’s. And she suffers from an almost immobilizing fear of performing in front of live audiences. Yet when she has to perform, she does what Fonda did, what you and I have to do:
She sucks it up, faces her fear, and does her job.
Here’s the difference between the grinders and the Rock Stars in network marketing:
The grinders believe that once they find a way to overcome their fear, then they can start their work.
The Rock Stars know that there is no such thing as a fearless leader.
Network Marketing rock stars know that fear can never be eliminated, so they don’t bother to try. They choose to lead in spite of their fears. And in some cases, because of them.
 I’m still nervous when I’m driving to a home meeting with a new team member, and I’ve been doing this for 25 years! I have people I’ve enrolled who have earned more than a million dollars in commissions – and they’re still petrified to get up and train on the stage. But we do it anyway.
Your fear may be telling your family about your business, it could be calling up your best prospects, or it might be speaking in public. Whatever your particular fear is isn’t important. What’s important is how you respond to that fear.
I hope it goes away and you’ll always be a grinder.
Face your fear, get into action, and you’ll find your fear will reside and you will succeed. What fear can you face down right now???
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