Just 10 Inches – Post 236

Just 10 Inches Determines Our Success or Failure

The internet is massive. It’s hard, even for savvy users to begin to comprehend the ‘space.’ You can meet thousands of people a year. And contact tens of thousands a month. Even daily.

I get it. It’s huge. And, when it comes to your success as a networker, it’s irrelevant. I can hear the internet experts screaming, “BLASPHEMY“ but I’ll explain what I mean in a moment.

As I eluded to a moment ago, when it comes to your success as a networker your internet presence is irrelevant. Now I now some of the internet experts are screaming right now, “That Keith Abell doesn’t know what the #!@&*# he’s talking about, old school idiot.”

Well I’m not here to debate old school networking vs new school networking. We will have that debate on another blog post in the future. What this discussion is about is the 10 inches where all transactions take place hence the title, just 10 inches determines our success or failure.

Actually it’s about two 5 inch spaces. That’s it. If we don’t understand that, then it really gets down to numbers and numbers only. Follow the logic here. If it was merely a numbers game then whoever crunched the most numbers would win. That’s simply false. The big earners all agree on this, . . . the lead peddlers don’t.

If your best friend wanted to make it big in network marketing, who would you advise your best friend to believe?

  • OPTION 1 ~ Top Earners
  • OPTION 2 ~ Lead Peddlers

Gee, that’s a tough one. I am going to go with Option 1, how about you?

Look, I am not talking trash about generating leads. But until we learn how to master two 5 inch areas, how many leads, names, friends or relatives we can manufacture, create, buy or know has nothing to do with our success.

The first 5 inches is the space between your ears. Golf great Bobby Jones said, “The game of golf is played on a course of 5 inches, between the ears.” The same is true about our network marketing business. The second 5 inches is the space between the prospects ears. If we think, [first 5 inches], that it is a numbers game then we have NO HOPE of understanding what is going through the prospects head, [the second 5 inches].

Everybody knows that all decisions are made by the subconscious. It’s not about finding the “right people,” they’re everywhere. Want Proof?

  • Everybody would love more money.
  • Everybody would love to pay lower taxes.
  • Everybody would like more time,
  • Everybody wants better health,

What do we offer? More time, less taxes, more money and better health. So why do they say “NO!” ?

Great question.

As a matter of fact, until we seriously consider that question we buy the lie that, “You just gotta find the right people so it’s a numbers game.”  The prospect only wants to know 3 things 1. Can I make money? 2. What would I have to do? 3. Can I do it? Folks who have mastered this art, of speaking to the prospect’s subconscious about these 3 things, have learned to control 10 little inches of space and make lots of money.

Top earners who understand this spend a lot of time feeling sorry for folks throwing money away trying to get more people to talk to. Why? It’s common sense.

You know how the ads for self-generating lead systems and lead companies always start off by telling people the old way of “making lists and bothering your friends and relatives….”

The answer you seek is right here, the common sense, [which Twain said wasn’t so common ~ LOL] ….. IF friends and relatives didn’t like what you had to say….then strangers aren’t going to like it either. Once I thought this through, that the right people were everywhere, [money, taxes, time, health], my business turned 180 degrees.

I didn’t know it at the time, but embracing the idea that my results were about what I was saying. That’s when I began taking control of the 5 inches between my ears. As a matter of fact, it was just 2 words that turned my career from losing money in MLM to making money.

  • Why? And
  • How?

They allowed me to control the 2nd 5 inches, the prospect’s 5 inches. We’ll be posting more answer those 2 questions and how to use the knowledge we gain by answering those questions this blog. Most people, once they learn about this get pretty excited and want more information….but…..honestly, some of them don’t…..the ones that don’t would rather keep doing what doesn’t work,. . . surf the web, buy leads, etc and defend what does not work . . instead of taking care of themselves and their families. They just gotta be right…

I’m looking forward to sharing this with you, sharing your success with it and your feedback. Be sure to subscribe to this blog so you can be informed any time I post new information. If you found this post on YouTube be sure you visit AIMHighWithKeith.com Not all of my posts are videos so if you don’t want to miss anything be sure subscribe to the Blog. AIMHighWithKeith.com

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