Lesson 5: Questions Your Prospect Really Want to Know. – Post 249

Over the past few posts we have been discussing “How to Give a One-Minute presentation” as presented by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter. So far you’ve learned the following:

    • Lesson #1: “Why prospects won’t give you an appointment.” 


  • Lesson #2: “How to get an appointment with almost 100% of the prospects you talk to.” 



  • Lesson #3: “How to get your presentation down to one minute.” 



  • Lesson #4: “Question #1: What kind of business are you in?” 



Today, we are going to cover the 2nd question that your prospect really wants to know. “How much money can I make?”

So, how do you answer the question, “How much money can I make?” This is easy. You will simply pick a figure that you feel matches your prospect’s desires.

For someone just looking to earn a few hundred dollars a month part-time, you will describe one income.

For someone who wants to quit his job and build a fortune, you will quote a different income.

You want to match what your prospect is looking for.

If you quote thousands of dollars of extra income to someone earning minimum wage, it may seem too unbelievable or unrealistic.

Conversely, if you quote $100 extra a month to someone looking for a full-time business, that would be discouraging.

So how do you know how much income to describe?

Use your common sense.

But sometimes you may not know the prospect.

So in those times, cheat! Just ask.

Say something like:
“If you were to have an extra income with our business, how much extra income would you be looking to earn?”

However, most times you will know. For example, if the prospect is answering an advertisement that you placed that offered $500 a month, you know how much income to describe.

So stand by for lesson #6 where we will step away from “Big Al’s” one minute presentation briefly and talk about how to get an understanding of where your prospect currently is in their life and how you may be able to help them. On the next post we will discuss the “Coffee Shop Interview.”

Thanks to Tom “Big Al” Schreiter for this simple and amazing training that can set you on the road to super success. To download his books onto Kindle visit http://BigAlBooks.AIMHighForSuccess.com

As the late Jim Rohn always said, “REMEMBER THE SAME WIND BLOWS ON ALL OF US ITS THE SET OF YOUR SAIL THAT DECIDES YOUR COURSE!!” Set your sail for success in network marketing today by learning the skills for success. If you would like some personal help on this and any other aspects of network marketing then subscribe to my blog AIMHighWithKeith.com and be sure to check out some of my past posts. Also if you find value in my posts please share them with your team. 


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