Lesson 7: Questions Your Prospect Really Want to Know. – Post 251

Over the past few posts we have been discussing “How to Give a One-Minute presentation” as presented by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter. Today we are going to cover Lesson 6, the third question that the prospect really wants to know, 

“So exactly what do I have to do to earn this money?”

This is the most important question, and most networkers don’t answer this question. They conveniently skip over this question and now the prospect has to go home and figure it out for himself.

This is one huge reason prospects say, “I have to think it over.”
We didn’t answer this question in our presentation, so how could we possibly expect them to make a decision?
Or we say something really lame such as:
    • “It’s a sharing and caring business.”


  • “Just talk to people.”



Ouch. Ouch.

We must describe exactly what the prospect has to do to earn that money. Then our prospect can make an immediate decision.

I don’t mean this!

I don’t mean to describe the compensation plan complete with bonus volume, staged levels of achievement, etc.

The prospect simply wants to know approximately what kind of activity will be needed to earn the money you quoted him.

You don’t have to be 100% accurate, read the policies and procedures, describe the minimum 60-day volume required to earn the Star Trek Commander bonus, explain the legal definitions of each term used, etc. All you have to do is tell the prospect approximately what he would have to do to earn the money you quoted.

Want some examples?

If you quoted your prospect an extra $300 a month, you could describe his activity as this:

    • “All you have to do is: every day pass out a sample of our super moisturizing cream and a DVD describing how to use it, and at the end of about three months, you will have enough people using the super moisturizing cream that you would earn an extra $300 a month.” 


  • “All you have to do is: between you, and everybody you talk to, and everybody they talk to forever and ever . . . find about 25 families who want to drink the juice so that they wake up in the morning feeling great. And then you would earn an extra $300 a month.” 



  • “All you have to do is find three families every month who want to lower their bill payments and start having some free extra money to spend as they like. And then you would earn an extra $300 a month.” See the difference?

Now your prospect knows exactly what he has to do to earn that extra $300 a month.

This is being polite as we are answering the question the prospect wants to know.

Sounds good, but how do I close?

Hang on! I will be back to you in my next post with three of my best closes. These closes are short, low-pressure, and easy on your prospects. They will love it.

So stand by for lesson #7 where we will learn how to close in a comfortable, but effective way.

Thanks to Tom “Big Al”Schreiter for this simple and amazing training that can set you on the road to super success. To download “Big Al’s” books on Kindle visit http://BigAlBooks.AIMHighForSuccess.com

As the late Jim Rohn always said, “REMEMBER THE SAME WIND BLOWS ON ALL OF US, ITS THE SET OF YOUR SAIL THAT DECIDES YOUR COURSE!!” Set your sail for success in network marketing today by learning the skills for success. If you would like some personal help on this and any other aspects of network marketing then subscribe to my blog AIMHighWithKeith.com and be sure to check out some of my past posts. Also if you find value in my posts please share them with your team. 


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