The 9 Rules of Success – Post 257

by Keith Halls

In 2003, after 9 months of failing and setbacks as a Distributor, Keith was reaching the end of his limit. Things got lots worse when his wife left him for another. At the moment of giving up, when he thought that life was just too hard, he had two dreams. Two dreams that were so powerful, that he woke up and felt guided to write out a plan of success for himself as well as everyone in this world. He called them The 9 RULES for Success and began sharing them with his downline and others. His check grew from $200-300 a month to over $100,000 a month within a year. More importantly to him, the checks of his downline grew too.

The 9 RULES of Success are for everyone. They have helped people from all walks of life. From unemployed single moms with children to Wall Street billionaires, Keith’s kind and gentle manner have made him the most sought after person in the Industry.

The 9 RULES of Success:

1) Dream the Dream
The first RULE shows how each of us must unlock the potential that lives deep within us. Most people have quit dreaming and quit believing that dreams can come true. By hard work, dedication, and a firm conviction to never quit, many of your dreams can become a reality. The correct dream’s within your heart can lead you to fulfill your destiny .

2) Believe
The second RULE shows how each of us must develop a strong belief system. By learning how to believe in your Company, the Products, the Compensation Plan and of upmost importance, in Yourself you become a far more dedicated and motivated person. Your results will improve and others will seek your advice. Keith’s “20 Minute a Day Belief System” has helped many achieve the belief system they are looking for.

3) Treat Your Business as a Business
The third RULE shows how each of must learn to treat your new Distributorship as a business. One of the greatest advantages of Network Marketing is the ease of entrance. However, it is also one of the greatest disadvantages. People leave before they give MLM a chance. Treat your new business as if your economic life depended upon it. Learn how to seek and attract new business customers. Learn the importance of abiding by a budget. Become the CEO of yourself and then allow yourself to succeed.

4) Never Quit
The fourth RULE teaches every person the importance of not quitting. Quitting can become a habit, a very bad habit that is difficult to break. Each person will face obstacles and setbacks. Each person will have discouraging days, weeks and months. This RULE will show you how to make roadblocks become stepping stones upon your path to success; how to turn difficult situations into positive results. This RULE helps give you the strength to overcome the hardest times and stay on your path.

5) Work, Talk and Act From the Heart.
The fifth RULE shows how working from your heart can change your life and benefit others at the same time. The language of the heart knows no boundaries and can touch from all cultures and from all walks of life. Keith has spoken in front of thousands of people from all over the world and they feel his sincerity and understand his message. Everyone can enhance their success and happiness by learning and applying this RULE.

6) Trust
The sixth RULE shows you the importance of earning the trust of others. It teaches why you should be trustworthy. Those who will develop the trust between themselves and others will find peace and obtain happiness. Trust is the basis of all relationships and the foundation of all societies. Understanding this RULE can create greater trust between Distributors, which will lead one to a wealth of success.

7) Ask for Help
The seventh RULE teaches you the importance of asking for help. When we were young, we asked our parents and our teachers for help. They would usually point us in the right direction and we were able to grow and mature. However, the older we became, the less and less we asked others for help. Pride and ego usually keeps us from reaching out to others. This “secret” has been used by wise men and women throughout the ages, as they realized that through the help of others, happiness and success can be achieved.

8) Be Nice, Be Kind and Help Others
The eighth RULE is one of the most widely known and yet least applied RULES of many in our world. All too often, people seek to rise to the top by taking advantage of others. Those who achieve success by treating others poorly, will find their wealth evaporate and only loneliness as their companion. Those reach out and help others, those who are kind to others, will find the true meaning of success. They will be admired and loved by all. This RULE is essential in all people.

9) Massive Action Brings Results
The ninth RULE is the final one. It is the RULE that binds all nine together. Only by massive action, by working effectively and efficiently, of going the extra mile, will one find results. One must be willing to stretch and grow, both in wisdom and in time spent. The drive to succeed is only completed through massive action.

These Nine RULES of Success, when learned and applied will help everyone, regardless of age or status, of wealth or poverty, achieve the success they are seeking. Each one must be followed. If one casts one RULE aside, they only do so at the peril of their future.

Equipped with all Nine RULES, everyone will become a force. A force of good and a force so powerful, that one’s dreams and goals will become a reality.

Keith Halls

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