Why So Many People are Afraid to Act – Post 259

You want to reach out to someone about a product and about a business that in many cases can change the quality of their health or their life; to give them some cool benefits that’s going to add value to their life and on top of that there’s a business that you can introduce them to. Here we are about to go make a phone call, about to engage them in conversation but then we don’t. It’s like I’m about to make the call and then I pause and I don’t make the call.

If you are ever struggling with engaging someone in conversation when you know you want to do but you just can’t, you get stuck and you do everything else but make the call there’s something going on mostly has to do with your beliefs around the profession and in fact almost all of it has to do with your confidence or your beliefs around the profession. I know I have.

If that describes you then these two videos may help. Network Marketing expert and trainer Todd Falcone discusses the number one challenge faced by a majority of people in network marketing, and more importantly…how to get past that challenge that prevents many people from taking action.

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