Blessings – Post 260

This weekend has been amazing so far. Friday my son Cameron and I had the opportunity to meet a gentleman, Keith Halls, that has had amazing success in his life. It is really amazing, I shared one of his blog posts with my readers a few weeks back never realizing or expecting that I would just a week later have the opportunity to not only hear him speak live but to spend time with him one on one. (  )

Keith started out life in a very poor family. Despite his meager beginnings by 25 he made his first million dollars in the fledgling computer industry. Then a few years later he made his next million in real estate. From there he was a founding partner in a company that went on to become a multi-billion dollar company earning him over 25 million dollars. At the height of his corporate career he stepped down to become a distributor in network marketing where he built an international downline of over 500,000 distributors earning him his next 10 million dollars. His first 9 months he really struggled. After 9 months of working 60-80 hours per week he had only earned $3000. He used to earn more than that in a day and after 9 months that was his total earnings in the industry. Within a year he was earning over $100,000 per month and even more importantly, he was teaching others to do the same thing.

Friday my 18 year old son and I went to a meeting where he was speaking. After his presentation the three of us spoke for about a couple hours and he invited us to come back Saturday morning to the hotel where he was staying. Despite the fact that I worked third shift Friday night Cameron and I went to the hotel Saturday morning. We talked for hours. He shared with us the insights that he learned and what he did to go from earning next to nothing, $200-$300 per month in this business to earning over $100,000 per month.

He shared with me a book that he read by Og Mandino called the Greatest Salesman in the World (that I am reading as we speak). He also shared his “9 rules to Succeed in Network Marketing.” He invited me to go through his legend series training program. We discussed in detail my frustrations. We talked about the steps I needed to follow to breakthrough the $1500 / month ceiling on my home business income and to take that business to the next level to truly retire from pharmacy and build the retirement income I need.

I am flattered that he spent so much time with me. Many of the people in his position charge huge sums of money for their advice but he was very kind and gracious with his time. Truly a gentle-man that cares about others. I can not wait to plug my team leaders into some of the information that he shared with us. Even though I’ve been doing this business for a year and a half now I feel like I am just starting. Cameron and I are so excited to put some of what we learned to work with our team so we can bless others like we are being blessed.

If we haven’t talked yet about earning some extra income then we really need to as soon as possible. I know how much most of us are struggling just to make ends meet. I can show you in a fairly short amount of time how you can be realistically earning an extra $500 to $1500 per month without interfering with anything you are currently doing. My 18 year old son is on his way to doing it and I know you can to. Just reach out to me and we will talk.


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