Chasing Dreams – Post 267

When we are young we have lots of dreams.

Dreams about what we want to own, do and become.

Places we want to go and experience.

But something happens as we get older. Reality slowly creeps into our lives.

We get out of school and take that job,even though it’s not what we wanted, so we can start earning a paycheck. We begin to cross off our dreams one by one as the years go by. We start shrinking our dreams to eventually fit into the reality of what we earn then suddenly it’s too late.

This short video is by Randy Gage as he describes how he chased his dreams only to have them yanked away by reality. Randy didn’t give up however and neither have I. If you want to learn more about what we are doing to reach our dreams then complete the information request at the bottom of this page and I will share with you a better way.

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