Instant Rapport – Post 272

Nobody buys your product or wants your opportunity.
It is 4:00 in the morning. You are in a deep sleep. All of a sudden your doorbell rings and someone is knocking on your door.

You jump out of bed, run to the door, open the door, and a stranger says:
“I have BMW automobiles at the end of your street, half-price!”

Now, BMW makes great cars. And half-price is the deal of the century. So are you going to buy?

Probably not. You don’t know this person. You don’t like this person for waking you up. And you certainly don’t trust the offer.

So the question is, “Do prospects buy an incredible offer, an incredible opportunity … or do prospects buy the person who tells them about it?”

The answer is obvious.

If you want more people to buy your products or join your opportunity, stop pitching products and opportunity, and start becoming a better you. Learn how to talk to people in a way that builds trust and rapport.

Click Picture to see the Instant Rapport Skill

As the late Jim Rohn always said, “REMEMBER THE SAME WIND BLOWS ON ALL OF US ITS THE SET OF YOUR SAIL THAT DECIDES YOUR COURSE!!” Set your sail for success in network marketing today by learning the skills for success. If you would like some personal help on this and any other aspects of network marketing then subscribe to my blog and be sure to check out some of my past posts. Also if you find value in my posts please share them with your team.

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