Week 2 – What’s Your DMP – Post 278

Week 2 – Master Key Master Mind Alliance

This is much more difficult than I expected. For years I have been writing out goals and then failing to meet those goals. I never really thought about why I didn’t have much success. As I have found out in this Master Keys program, I never really had much success because I never really dug down deeper than those goals. As I have learned you have to determine is much deeper than just the goals. You have to find out what your DMP is, your Definite Major Purpose.

In this video that Mark J posted a few years ago, he touches on this subject and does a much better job explaining what a DMP is than I can:


Last week all of us in the class shared our DMP with the team leaders. They looked at them and then made suggestions on how to dig deeper into what your DMP is. As I go deeper I have found it more difficult to put into words what I have in my heart. Even though I haven’t finalized my DMP as of yet I can definitely understand how this exercise will lead ot a higher level of success by  moving into harmony with my DMP. It’s really about what is in our soul and then using that take the DMP and use it to reprogram our subconscious mind.


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