Bittersweet Day – Post 296

Today was a bitterIMG_8928_editedsweet day. Today we dropped my oldest son Kyle Abell off with the Navel Recruiting Office. Tomorrow, he will be sworn in and shipped off to basic training.


This morning at church his IMG_8968_editedsister bawled her eyes out while he sat next to her during mass. After mass father blessed his Saint Christopher Medal and then gave Kyle a blessing for safety. After church we had brunch, took a few pictures and then dropped him off.


IMG_8971_editedHis mom, and I are so proud of him. He has grown into a fine young man and we know he will serve his country well. He will be spending 8 weeks at the Great Lakes basic training camp and then two to two and a half years in Monterey California in school before shipping out for 4 years of active duty.


We will definitely miss him during this time.IMG_8936_edited

We plan to see him when he graduates basic and then again some time while in California. We ask that everyone pray for his safety during this phase of his life.


IMG_8937_editedKyle we love you, be safe and we will miss you.

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