New Year Predictions – Post 318

Big Al’s network marketing predictions for 2015

Prediction #1

Again this year, it is reported that approximately 50% of all doctors will graduate in the bottom half of their classes. By allowing these underachievers into society, sales for nutritional products should greatly increase.

Prediction #2

Personal responsibility and work ethics will decline. Many freeloaders will just hope for success, and will consider that their total commitment. You will see ads like the following in “personal” columns throughout the country:
Lazy, SWM, network marketing junkie looking for SWF with established downline for marriage and financial support.

Prediction #3

The worst selling new network marketing book of 2015 will be:
“How I Turned Two Million Dollars into a Million-Dollar Fortune” by Sleaze Shallowman.

Prediction #4

You won’t see the following headline on any company newsletter:
Uneducated, untrained, unmotivated distributor leads company in recruiting and retail sales. Earns largest check ever in network marketing.

Prediction #5

More and more workers will continue to leave the work force and start their own part-time networking businesses. Why? They are bored or frustrated with their present jobs. Industry experts estimate that 40% of all sick days occur on Fridays and Mondays. This estimate confirms the workers’ desire to leave a boring workplace environment.

Prediction #6

A new company will launch that insists that if you don’t join now, it will be too late tomorrow. But what will we tell the prospects after tomorrow? This cycle will be repeated several times every day.

Prediction #7

Many unsuccessful distributors who do not have the skills to build a downline will mistakenly join yet another company with the hopes that joining a company will fix their lack of skills. This cycle will be repeated by these untrained distributors throughout the year.

Prediction #8

Many unsuccessful distributors will blame their sponsor, their company, their pricing and the general market for their failure. They won’t realize that many distributors in their company are enjoying success with the same set of circumstances.

Prediction #9

Many unsuccessful distributors will stop their prospecting activities and then complain that they can’t find any prospects. Resuming their prospecting activities will never occur to them.

Prediction #10

Prospects will refuse to build a network marketing business while employed. They prefer to wait until it is too late, until after they are released from their jobs. These prospects will then insist that they start their network marketing business with a full-time income.

Thanks Tom for the light hearted view of our fabulous industry!!!

Keith Abell

Week 13 – Why some have success while others don’t – Post 317

Why do some people have success while others don’t?SuccessFailure

Do successful people possess some supernatural powers that others of us don’t have? Not really. From a scientific view point we are all basically the same. We have all come the same basic building blocks of life and we all share the same primordial DNA. Yes we all have different abilities, traits, talents. Some of us are physically stronger, others have finely tuned critical thinking skills, while others excel in the arts. But successful people can be found within these various groups.

Does success therefore come from Divine Intervention. We all know people that live their entire life for God but never seem to get a break. And we know of people that are pure evil yet still seem successful. I just don’t see an all knowing, all loving God being that unfair. Why even try if you have no control of the outcome. Instead I believe God put us all hear and gave us all the basic laws of the Universe. It is how we use those laws that determine our success.

Maybe some people have success while others don’t because that’s just the way it is. No sense trying to figure it out. If that was the case then Columbus would have never discovered America. The world is flat after all, that’s just the way it is. The Wright brothers would have never flew because people can’t fly. We would have never landed on the moon, etc. Because of the universal power of thought, someone thought it could be done and succeeded.

Thought alone isn’t the answer. I have often heard “you become what you think about most.” If that’s the case then why haven’t more people achieved success?

In the movie The Secret they discuss the law of attraction at length. In one part they discussed when people dwell on debt or illness they always seemed to get more of the same. People that have achieved success discuss in the movie how when they concentrated their thoughts on success, success came their way. Many people that watched the movie came to the conclusion that all they had to do was concentrate on what they wanted and it would just happen.  Nothing happened for them so they threw out the law of attraction.

The law of attraction is one more powerful tool that can be used to achieve success. People failed to see in the movie that the law of attraction is not a lottery ticket for success. Instead it attracts circumstances to you that you have act upon which then brings the next circumstance.

I see this in my own home business. I talk to people all the time that need and want extra income in their lives. Some don’t believe it’s possible; they don’t believe they are worthy or only the lucky could reach those goals so they reject what I have to offer them. Others have a lottery mentality. They join expecting instant results. They never put in the necessary effort. Fail, quit and say it’s not possible, those things never work.  Yet it’s working for me and thousands of others.

So why do some people have success while others don’t?

When most people think of success they are thinking of material wealth. Haanel talks about how we utilize the law of attraction to manifest material things like wealth. We concentrate on wealth. Circumstances come along to get us there. We take action on those circumstances and finally achieve material wealth only to discover we’re not satisfied or we are only temporarily satisfied.

This is where I believe the power of creative thought comes in. We must use creative thought to define exactly what success means to us. We need to start with what do we really want? What we really want is happiness and harmony. If we are truly happy we can have everything the world has to offer. If we are truly happy we can make others happy.

Haanel says we cannot be happy unless we have health, strength, congenial friends, pleasant environment, and sufficient supply to take care of our own necessities and to provide for those comforts and luxuries that we are entitled to.

I now see how all the exercises we have been doing in this Master Keys course have all been created with this end point in mind. Our DMP helped us to determine what our own definition of happiness would be. All the exercises of been toning up the skills needed so we can better utilize, to maximize the way we use the universal power of thought.

The Biggest Challenge SOLVED – Post 315

The biggest challenge in network marketing has been how do we get people to overcome their fear; to go out and talk to people about their opportunity. Inviting is the Gateway skill. If you don’t go through that gate it’s over. If you can’t get somebody to take a look it’s over. If you can’t get somebody to understand your product or your opportunity it’s over. So many people struggle, there’s so much fear involved in that aspect of our business.

People get involved and they’re like, they’re going to pick up the phone to talk to their brand new prospect and they go into one of three different states typically.

1) They just verbally throw up on that person. They just “blah blah blah blah blah come join my business; you’d be great at this; we can get involved early.” All these wrong words to say. They act desperate. They act needy.


2) They act scared. They act intimidated and that doesn’t build confidence with the other person that’s listening.


3) They get ready to pick up that phone and they go . . . maybe later. They get ready to pick it up again and go . . . I don’t want to look stupid. I’m not sure if I’m ready. I don’t know if I know what to say. So they hang up.

Another thing that happens is they call that person they think is going to join for sure and that person just BOOM hits them with 15 questions and they go oh I don’t ever want to do that again. That made me feel super uncomfortable.

Right? So there’s been all these barriers to getting people to take a look and understand once we get people to sit down with us, once we have an appointment, . . .the appointment is the hard part, once you’re together with someone all you have to do is point to your third party materials, share your story, share your products, your opportunity. Point to whatever third-party tools that you have; playing a video. Do whatever you need to do demonstrate your product, whatever it is.

That parts pretty easy but the appointment is hard so in GoPro Eric Worre goes through this eight step process for teaching people how to always be in a hurry when you pick up the phone. How to compliment someone. How to go into the invitation, direct, indirect, and super indirect. How to follow up. Make sure that appointment is a real appointment and all and those things.

But there’s something that’s happened in the last few years that has changed the game. It’s changed the game and what I’m about to share with you, you’re going to say that’s ridiculously simple. Some of you are going to love it; some of you are going to say I’m not sure if it’s even real. That’s okay but here’s what I’m going to tell you. If you’ll try it. If you test it with me today . . . and I’m going to give you a way for you to test it today. Then the results for you are going to skyrocket. Not only for you but for every person in your organization.

Typically we tell you get on the phone and start making appointments but something’s happened that I’m going to share with you in just a minute.

The times have changed in our world and how we communicate. Think about your world. Think about your cell phone. Think about how you use it now verses how you used it even two years ago or three years ago. Think about how rare it is to hear a phone ring now. You just hear them buzz. buzz buzz buzz. They’re on silent everywhere. When was the last time you heard one ring. Remember when ringtones were the big thing? They were huge and now ringtones disappeared. Nobody cares about ringtones much anymore.

People call you . . . let’s, let’s say you call your kids. You know typically your kids aren’t answering the phone; but right afterwards they’ll send you a text that says, what do you need, right? So they won’t answer the phone but they’ll text you right away, “what do you need” and then you text them back. Our kids I think have trained us as adults that texting is a little bit simpler.

It’s easier than a phone call when it comes to communication. When it comes to staying in touch. When it comes to staying connected with people. And doing it on our terms.

I don’t know about you, but even for me my phone rings, most the time, I’ll let it go to voicemail. And I’ll text that person, “what did you need” even before I listen to the voicemail.

So here’s what started to happen. People literally have a panic attack when you suggest calling prospects for appointments. I can’t do this, I can’t do this, I’m scared. I’m scared to death I don’t know what to do. This is not what I signed up for. Which is typically what a brand new person goes through when it comes to say you can make some calls.

What if you just sent a text message to people instead of making the calls? Just relax, enjoy yourself, it’s going to be fine. When you send a text message and book your first appointment you will be on top of the world. Your confidence will be boosted.

So pull out your phones and I want you to send a text message to a prospect. While we’re here right now and ask them for an appointment. Just text “coffee” question mark, “Can we get together next week” question mark. “Whats your schedule look like next week” Whatever it is.

Send a text message out and once you booked an appointment I want you to say I did it!

Just start text message campaigns to set appointments and the results will be unbelievable.

A lot of people like to say in network marketing we don’t have a boss. OK you don’t have a boss in network marketing but let me describe to you what your boss really is.

Your boss in network marketing is your calendar. You either have appointments scheduled in this calendar or you don’t. You either are scheduled to meet with people and share your opportunity or you don’t. If this calender is empty your business is stagnant. It’s not growing. So our goal to start for everyone, is to get this calendar filled up with appointments here and there and everywhere.

Sit down with somebody for coffee, show the opportunity. Sit down with lunch or breakfast, show the opportunity. Sit down after work, show the opportunity and from that you’re going to get a certain result right. So this calendar is your boss and if this is your boss our job, our biggest job, the Gateway job is to fill this calendar up. Not just for you but for every person in your organization.

So here’s the big breakthrough to schedule an appointment instead of the phone call send a text message. Send a simple text message. I’m going to give you a challenge, do this today. Then I want you to go onto my blog page and I want you to post your results under this article. You’re going to see amazing things start to happen.

Week 12 – A Fast Food Type Experience – NOT – Post 314

Here we are in week 12 of the Master Key Master Mind program and it just seems things are happening so fast. It’s a bit overwhelming. At times I find myself getting impatient with the entire process. I just want the changes to happen.

We live in a time when everyone wants everything fast. We want our food now. If we want to learn something new we expect the internet to give us the answers now. We want that magic pill to help us lose weight now. We want a way to get rich quick. We go to seminars to get motivated only to be right back where we were within a few days. We don’t really want to take the time to actually learn what is needed. We don’t want to do the things that are necessary to get from here to there.

I’m a pharmacist. It took 5 years of college to gain the knowledge necessary to become skilled enough to become licensed. A medical doctor takes eight or more. CPA’s take at least four years. Master plumbers and carpenters go through extensive apprenticeships to become skilled experts in their fields as well.

I realize it is going to take time to make lasting changes in my life. After all it took me fifty plus years to get where I am today. Yes, I have a lot of reprogramming to do, especially from everything that happened these past few years but a twenty six week course is not really that long in the greater scheme of things.

I want to share with you a short video from Tony Robbins that I found actually encouraged me somewhat about this process. Yes, this video is an advertisement for his coaching but it really did help me put another perspective on what we are doing. With the repetitive way we are learning and the hands on tools, the group experience we are gaining from our peer’s blog posts and alliances, and the personal coaching from our certified guides this has truly been a total immersion.