Is now the time to EVOLVE? – Post 324

Here’s is a most controversial post for some, and a wake-up call for others!

Imagine if you woke up tomorrow to realize you’ve been living a lie your entire life?Rise of the Entrepreneur

You suddenly learned that the world didn’t work at all the way you thought it had or even the way you were taught it was supposed to.

Imagine you became privy to information that only .05% of the world knows about.

Information that would rock any mortal human to the core.

What if you found out that for the past 20+, 30+, 40+ years you’ve been working you’re a$$ off like a drone, and struggling to create a lifestyle hardly worth bragging about let alone talking about and that finally… someone was finally willing to blow the whistle on the whole damn thing… would you tune in and listen?

The rest of the world certainly is and here’s your chance…

Rise Of The Entrepreneur

On November 20th, 2014 one man released a film so controversial and shocking… that 99.9% of the people who watch it will instantly have their lives transformed and prepared for a change that will sweep the globe entirely.

The world has been asleep for far too long and it’s high time the Entrepreneurial alarm went off in people’s heads. We have been following in the footsteps of failure for decades and only now are we seeing the reproductions of that failure. And they are devastating!

Ask yourself these questions…

  • How is my monthly income today, compared to where I’d like it be?
  • Am I financially capable of completely retiring tomorrow?
  • Could I drop everything I’m doing right now, travel the world for a month with friends and family and still generate an income while I’m gone?
  • Am I getting paid more or less than what I know I’m worth at my job?

Your generation and the next will be paying the price for eons unless we wake the heck up and decide to make the change to live life differently.

And yes… there IS a better way to begin living a different life. One of increased reward and reduced stress.

However, the cold reality is that no one is going to make that decision for you. You are responsible right now for making it happen.

You can either remain a working slave to someone else or begin the change that millions of others have decided to make right now.

The ship hasn’t sailed… quite yet.

But the winds of change are picking up and you’re either on-board to captain your own ship… or you’ll forever be a paddling slave pulling on the oars of someone else’s.

Are you ready to begin the change to live life better?

First things first…
STOP being a follower and start being a leader.
Let the Entrepreneur inside you see the truth.

Become aware that you alone now make the choice to begin a new life. One of financial freedom, time freedom and freedom from stress and the angst of trudging through weekday traffic. Envision leaving behind your mundane job right now and stop having to work in a concrete coffin every day only to douse the one chance at a happy life with the fuel of another man’s dreams. You’ll burn yourself out from the sorrow of having to spend another year in that position.

Become MORE… today.
Become Empowered… right now
Become the Entrepreneur the world has taught you that were never allowed to become… NOW.
Let the leader inside of you become born to the world and let everyone know just who you are… RIGHT NOW!!!

Some of you are saying I’ll wait till tomorrow.

Sure… you can wait until tomorrow.
You can continue to procrastinate all your want.

But by then, you’ll already be a day behind everyone else.

If you’re afraid of the change, don’t be. I’m here to help in every way possible.
Whether it’s answers, guidance, options, the “how to’s” or the “why’s”, the pit-falls and the rewards… I can share them all.

I’m not here to tell you how to build your business, I’m here to show you how I’m building mine.

Go ahead and search “How to Become an Entrepreneur”, “Entrepreneurs Ideas 2014” or “Famous Entrepreneurs List” and you’ll find a dizzying maze of roads to navigate and decipher. You’ll be lost, frustrated and forever forced to wander around in the dark resulting in no real business, no real income and being no better off than you are right now.

The wise option here… is to NOT make the mistakes of those who have already paved the road to becoming an Entrepreneur with blood, sweat and tears. It has never been easier than it is right now and luckily, just in time. Those who are prepared to make the change today are the ones who will benefit from this shift for decades to come.

Understand that in order to become a truly successful Entrepreneur you must align yourself with those who have already been down that road and who have found the same success that you desire. By following some of the best in the industry for multiple years gives you a certain “perspective” that affords you the opportunity to share with others what you have learned.

My place at the table is to properly guide you and help you make the best business decisions possible.

In short order you’ll be able to do the same for people and be known as one of the pioneers in this Entrepreneurial shift that is soon engulfing the planet.

As an Entrepreneur that has been down that road, I have the unique and proud stance of already being one step ahead of where the world is going.

On November 20th, the release of Eric Worre’s movie Rise Of The Entrepreneur exploded onto social media. It was a historic day for all of us that are already living the lifestyle and one as well for those about to embark on the Entrepreneurial journey.

Will you be one as well? I hope so. I wish to welcome you to this new world and hope that you will claim your place as one of its founding pioneers today… and not tomorrow.

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