Until You Know Why, the How Doesn’t Matter – Post 383

That’s the first step. That’s always been the first step. It is still the first step. 

Until you know why you’re doing the business, the how doesn’t matter.  You have to take the time to ask, “OK, what do I want to accomplish from this business?” You have to decide. 

If you don’t know why, then you can’t just do it because it looked like a good opportunity. or “Well, you know I just think you know maybe I can make some money here.” 

Guess what? 

You aren’t going to make it. If you don’t know why the how doesn’t matter.

When I got involved in the business I had three goals that compelled me. Number one was I wanted to save my home, the dream home that I built with my own blood sweat and tears from being sold or foreclosed on while I was unemployed. Number two, my Malibu was on its last leg and I needed a new car. Number three, I needed to finish paying for my youngest son’s private school tuition.

That’s why I got started in this business.

Now my goals of course have changed since then because I was able to accomplished all three of those with the help of this business. But those were the first goals.

We teach people when you first get in, take some time to click on the 20 Reasons – Top 3 form and print it out. You go and you sit down with your spouse and you decide, “OK, what do we really want to accomplish from this business?” 

Until you have that and it is inside of you, you will not make it. You will fail. 

Fill out that form, scan it into your computer or take a picture of it with your phone then send it to your sponsor and send it to your other up-line leaders as well. Fill it out and print it out. Print multiple copies. Put copies on your bathroom mirror, in your car, and wherever else you will see them throughout your day.

You hear what I’m saying? 

This is not optional folks. 

This is not, “well Keith I’ll show you. I already know what I want. It’s in my head already.” 

Go ahead dummy. 

“Well Keith I have my reasons right here, I know why.” 

This is step one. It’s always been step one. It will always be step one. Fifteen years ago this was step 1. It’s step one now. It will always step one. It doesn’t change.

You can not go to second base or third base until you go to first. 

Get it on paper.

Give me or whoever your upline sponsor is a copy and then we can move forward. Personally, if my team members aren’t willing to do this part then they don’t deserve my help. They aren’t going to stay in the business long enough to garner my assistance and my time. 

Until you have done that, I don’t have anything to tell you. 

I have nothing else to say. 

I have no training. 

I have no time for you. 

I’m not going to give you one minute on the phone. I can’t. 

And its not that I am trying to be hard.

Look, you’ve got to know why you’re doing it. Until you know why, the how doesn’t matter. That is going to be what drives you because I wanted to quit everyday my first three or four years but if I quit I would have lost my house. I would never have my Cadillac. My son wouldn’t have graduated from the school he graduated from and I would have to spend the rest of my life building somebody else’s dream.

So when I would run into the negative, like we all do, I would sit down look at that “why” and say, “Do you really want this?”

Will you let somebody else steal your dream?

I’m telling you folks, if you don’t know why and if your people don’t know why, they will never do the business. 

They will not do the business.  

I just talk sometimes until I’m blue in the face. 

You know what? I will probably, hopefully, thirty years from now, I’ll still be talking until I’m blue in the face.


Carry the three reasons with you everywhere. 

So that’s the first step, so when you bring people in, first step, Define Your Dreams. Until you know why the how doesn’t matter.

20 Reasons “Top 3” form

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