NOW is the Time – Be Your Own Boss – Post 384

Have you ever thought about owning your own business?

In this video blog I want to share with you what an economist from Temple University thinks about becoming an entrepreneur.

It’s a dream of millions of Americans to be your own boss.

That’s why so many immigrants come to this country, because it IS the land of opportunity for those that are willing to take the chance and do whatever it takes to build their own business.

Temple University economist Charlotte Phelps explains why NOW, based on past historical data, is the BEST time to become your own boss?


I am convinced that NOW is the best opportunity.


I spent the past year traveling from coast to coast to meet some of the top home based business income earners in the country. All of them earned in excess of a million dollars from their home based business. Every one of them expressed the same sentiment that Charlotte Phelps did in this CNN report, that it was the network of friendships, the network of social interaction that was key to their success.


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