Week 12 – A Fast Food Type Experience – NOT – Post 314

Here we are in week 12 of the Master Key Master Mind program and it just seems things are happening so fast. It’s a bit overwhelming. At times I find myself getting impatient with the entire process. I just want the changes to happen.

We live in a time when everyone wants everything fast. We want our food now. If we want to learn something new we expect the internet to give us the answers now. We want that magic pill to help us lose weight now. We want a way to get rich quick. We go to seminars to get motivated only to be right back where we were within a few days. We don’t really want to take the time to actually learn what is needed. We don’t want to do the things that are necessary to get from here to there.

I’m a pharmacist. It took 5 years of college to gain the knowledge necessary to become skilled enough to become licensed. A medical doctor takes eight or more. CPA’s take at least four years. Master plumbers and carpenters go through extensive apprenticeships to become skilled experts in their fields as well.

I realize it is going to take time to make lasting changes in my life. After all it took me fifty plus years to get where I am today. Yes, I have a lot of reprogramming to do, especially from everything that happened these past few years but a twenty six week course is not really that long in the greater scheme of things.

I want to share with you a short video from Tony Robbins that I found actually encouraged me somewhat about this process. Yes, this video is an advertisement for his coaching but it really did help me put another perspective on what we are doing. With the repetitive way we are learning and the hands on tools, the group experience we are gaining from our peer’s blog posts and alliances, and the personal coaching from our certified guides this has truly been a total immersion.


Week 11 – Not Getting Wet Anymore – Post 302

Some-people-feel-the-rain-others-just-get-wet-positive-pictures“Some people feel the rain. Most people just get wet.” – Bob Marley

I don’t know why but when I came across that quote today it just reminded me of my MKMMA journey. For years I have been living my life, just getting wet. I never once stopped to reflect on what is around me nor questioning why. I’ve just been living the routine. Get up. Go to work on my 40 x 40 plan. Working for 40 years at 40 hours per week only to retire on 40% of what I couldn’t afford. Spending no where near enough time with family or doing the things I would rather be doing.

Sure I questioned there had to be a better way. I even took some action and started a home business to find the better way but I was still on that treadmill going nowhere fast. It wasn’t until I joined this MKMMA experience that I began to realize that there was truly a better way and that better way can be found within me.

By concentrating on the seven laws of the mind I discovered that a whole new world is out there. A world that is ready to be explored. I realized that in addition to the seven laws of the mind, there are other laws of the universe or laws of physics that are in play in my life. By just becoming aware of these laws and understanding them I could utilize them for my advantage.

The law of perpetual motion.

In physics we learned that an object in motion stays in motion until acted on by something else. I realize that the law of giving follows this same basic principle of perpetual motion. When you give you will receive. The problem with most of us is we give but we don’t believe that we are worthy to receive so we don’t except it.

Someone pays us a complement, we reject it because we are taught to be humble and act with humility.

Someone offers a hand and we refuse it because of pride or for fear that we may be asked for something in return.

The good book says that if you give freely, ten fold will be returned to you. Give and be opened to receiving. Accept the compliment with a warm thank you. Don’t be the one to stop the flow of giving.

The Power of Positive Thinking

For years I have believed in the Power of Positive Thinking. As a result good things have usually come my way.

I remember a scene in the movie The Secret where I guy talks about how he always thinks of a good parking spot and one always seems to be available to him. Well, that is what I have always done and probably 99% of the time I have always found a good spot. Ever since my son got his license to drive he has had the same thoughts and almost always that good parking spot manifests for him as well. It’s amazing.  Now, after the first trimester of the MKMMA experience I have learned that my Power of Positive Thinking experiences where one of the seven laws of the mind, the Law of Substitution.

I must confess however that the past few years things in my life have not been positive. I lost my job in Dec 2011 just a few weeks before Christmas (in fact it was this very week in 2011). As I shared on this forum a few posts back, it took me 2 years to find new employment. As I look back now I realize that even though outwardly I was expressing positive thinking, inwardly I was defeated and depressed. In my thoughts I did not express the positive attitude that I showed everyone else. I didn’t want my wife and friends to know just how scared I was.

I have come to realize through this MKMMA experience that even though I got a new job a year ago, mentally I was still in that bad place. The place of hopelessness.

Two years ago I started taking the Network Marketing business more seriously. I finally began having success. I reached the pin level needed to maximize the compensation plan. I had groups of people that were growing without my assistance. I hit the $20K per year level. A level that the average net-worker would love to achieve. But I just could not seem to go any higher and I blamed myself for that. Now I know by studying the Seven Laws of the Mind that I was still mentally back in December 2011 when I lost that job.

I have now began to see through this MKMMA experience that I can truly write my own destiny and now I understand the how and the why. Despite the success I was having I have been so depressed about my performance in Network Marketing that I had begun to give up. I knew that I could do much better than I had been doing but just did not know how. I had the skills needed to be a million dollar earner but lacked the mental focus needed.

I wasn’t “feeling the rain.”

Now thanks to Mark J and the whole MKMMA Team. I am beginning to “feel the rain” once again.

Thank You

Week 1 – The Golden Buddha – Post 277

Golden BuddhaToday I started on a “Great Adventure.” It is a 6 month learning experience called the Master Keys Master Mind Alliance.  It is based on a 24 week correspondence course originally published in 1912 by Charles F Hannel called The Master Key System. Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, and W.Clement Stone were all students of this course and it greatly influenced each of their lives.

It is a course of authentic self discovery NOT a self help course. To start with we discussed dharma. Dharma is a Sanskrit word for purpose in life and the entire course is geared toward defining ones purpose.

To begin with one must understand that you were made for the best, by the Best. Now I capitalized the second “Best” because in my heart of heart the “Best” that created us is God.

Now when you were born all opportunity in the world is yours. In effect we are like pure gold, unblemished, without any outside prejudices. Unfortunately, over time we are influenced by many others outside of ourselves. These influencers include our parents and families, schools, governments, our peer’s, the business community including “advertisers.” They all cover you in cement and clay, like the Golden Buddha in the video. They cover up the true you that is within so you conform to, acquiesce to, the society around you. They use the Dragon (fear) to discourage you; to dissuade you from journeying too far from conventional thinking.

For us to have success and really achieve our dharma, our true purpose in life we must slay our dragons of false security. The false idols of the society outside of us.

There are so many books written on the subject of success and how to achieve it but most of them focus on physical actions for us to take in order to achieve the desired results. Conventional wisdom says that thought becomes belief. Belief then leads to action and action creates the desired results.

As a result, most people and most self help programs focus on taking massive action in order to achieve the desired results. Massive action without a corresponding change in thought in most cases leads to the same unwanted results and we fail. The world without (consciousness) is a reflection on the world within (the subconscious mind). The world within is where all the power for change is. The world within has the power to generate courage, hope, enthusiasm, confidence, trust, faith. Unfortunately it also has the power to generate fear, hopelessness, indifference, pessimism, doubt and skepticism.
The subconscious mind (circled in the diagram) makes decisions seven seconds before the conscious mine is even aware. The subconscious mind can’t differentiate between real and perceived feelings. We can therefore change the belief of the subconscious mind by learning ways to reprogram it using vivid, lifelike feelings and experiences through our imaginations. Denis Waitley, in the Psychology of Winning, discusses how the subconscious mind of athletes, when connected to brain wave equipment, could not tell the difference between actually participating in their sports or vividly visualizing themselves participating in the same activities.
Gain is a result of an accumulation of consciousness. Loss is a result of scattered consciousness. Most people live with scattered consciousness; they only react to the randomness of the environment around them. The universe moves toward chaos. We can order our universe, focusing our consciousness by reprogramming our beliefs. To do this we have to focus on the feelings that are feeding those beliefs. Once we change our beliefs we automatically take the actions necessary to achieve the desired results. 
Keith Abell, RPh MI