Define Your Dream and have a Burning Desire to Achieve It – Post 420

“Do you want to fail or do you want to succeed?”

Until You Know Why, the How Doesn’t Matter. Define Your Dream and have a Burning Desire to Achieve It!

That’s the first step. That’s always been the first step. It is still the first step.

Until you know why you’re on the Financial Peace journey, or building a business, or really anything else you want to accomplish in life, until you know why, the how doesn’t matter. You have to take the time to ask, “OK, what do I want to accomplish from this journey?” You have to decide.

You aren’t going to make it. If you don’t know why the how doesn’t matter.

At the end of 2011, 3 weeks before Christmas I lost my pharmacy position. Long story short, they were replacing those of us that had been there quite a while with new grads that they were paying 20 grand less than I made before. After a year of ny finding temporary or part time work I decided to get involved in my first side gig business outside of pharmacy. I had three goals that compelled me. Number one, I wanted to save my home, the dream home that I built with my own blood sweat and tears, I wanted to save it from being sold or foreclosed on while I was underemployed. Number two, my Malibu was on its last leg and I needed a new car. Number three, I needed to finish paying for my youngest son’s private school tuition. That’s why I got started in this business. Now my goals of course have changed since then because I was able to accomplished all three of those with the help of this business. But those were the first goals.

In my consulting and personal development business I teach people that when they first get in business to focus on the real reasons they want their business to succeed. Likewise, my good friend and business mentor, Dale Calvert asked me to go and sit down with my spouse and come up with 20 really good reasons I wanted success in my business and then out of those 20 he asked that we decide on our top 3 reasons then focus on those. He said you have to decide, “OK, what do we really want to accomplish from this business?”

Until you have that and it is inside of you, you will not make it. You will fail. Those principles apply to anything you want to accomplish in life. In this episode I apply these principles to the financial peace journey and show you how to define those dreams and then ignite that burning desire to accomplish them.



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The Mindset Pendulum – Post 418

On today’s podcast I want to talk about the “Mindset Pendulum.” What goes on inside your brain as you embark on the financial peace and prosperity journey. Once you have an understanding of what’s going on in the 6 inches between your ears then you have a better chance of recognizing how your thoughts affect your success and you will be better equipped with ways to change what Zig Zigglar refers to as “Stinkin’ Thinkin’.” You will be able to stop the stinking thinking and get yourself back on track.

In your brain there is this pendulum swinging back and forth. When you start this journey you have attitudes, opinions and beliefs. All of us. We have opinions about everything. We have opinions about things we don’t need to have opinions on. We have attitudes which are stronger. Strong feeling about things. And we have beliefs.

We are made up of opinions, attitudes, and beliefs.

When you start this journey you usually have a neutral or negative opinion. What happens, in our mind, we get a little bit of information. Maybe we go to a financial peace university class or we see a video podcast or webinar by Dave Ramsey or one of his associates and our opinion changes to somewhat positive. And when that opinion changes from neutral or negative to positive then we say, “What’s the worst thing that can happen? What’s my risk, what’s my reward? I’m doing this.”

That’s what happens. Then we go into the world and somebody says, “You can’t live without credit, you’ll never buy a home or a car” . . . Then what happens to that opinion?

It goes back to negative. Then we hear callers give the “Debt Free Scream” and are all fired up and our pendulum swings back to excitement.

Then you get on facebook and you see all the posts from your so called friends about their exotic vacations and the luxury car or boat that they bought while you are on a “beans and rice” diet getting out of debt and your pendulum swings back to the negitive.

This thing swings daily in the beginning. Your pendulum is going to swing. It’s normal.

Sometime we think we’re going crazy because we’re up and down about it. Because we are all made up of opinions, attitudes and beliefs. If you just hang in there eventually your opinion will become an attitude. And it’s stronger. Then over time the attitude becomes a belief.

That is in anything we do in life. Not just on the financial peace journey but in business as well. We get involved in whatever we make a commitment to and think we don’t like this swinging back and forth in our mind so we think something is wrong. Sometimes they’re excited and sometimes we want to puke. Its just the way people are and most people can’t get through this because they don’t understand what is really going on in their mind..

Listen to my podcasts or watch my video blogs. Catch Dave Ramsey or one of his team members on the radio or over the internet. Stay plugged into folks that are on the same journey as you and folks that have gone there before. It will calm your pendulum down.

We all go through it.

So you have to understand your pendulum will swing. But if you continue and stay on the right track, it will get to a point where it just doesn’t swing as bad, and eventually just doesn’t swing any more. Stay plugged in and when you get to a point, it just doesn’t matter any more.

You’ve got this!

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Week 11 – Not Getting Wet Anymore – Post 302

Some-people-feel-the-rain-others-just-get-wet-positive-pictures“Some people feel the rain. Most people just get wet.” – Bob Marley

I don’t know why but when I came across that quote today it just reminded me of my MKMMA journey. For years I have been living my life, just getting wet. I never once stopped to reflect on what is around me nor questioning why. I’ve just been living the routine. Get up. Go to work on my 40 x 40 plan. Working for 40 years at 40 hours per week only to retire on 40% of what I couldn’t afford. Spending no where near enough time with family or doing the things I would rather be doing.

Sure I questioned there had to be a better way. I even took some action and started a home business to find the better way but I was still on that treadmill going nowhere fast. It wasn’t until I joined this MKMMA experience that I began to realize that there was truly a better way and that better way can be found within me.

By concentrating on the seven laws of the mind I discovered that a whole new world is out there. A world that is ready to be explored. I realized that in addition to the seven laws of the mind, there are other laws of the universe or laws of physics that are in play in my life. By just becoming aware of these laws and understanding them I could utilize them for my advantage.

The law of perpetual motion.

In physics we learned that an object in motion stays in motion until acted on by something else. I realize that the law of giving follows this same basic principle of perpetual motion. When you give you will receive. The problem with most of us is we give but we don’t believe that we are worthy to receive so we don’t except it.

Someone pays us a complement, we reject it because we are taught to be humble and act with humility.

Someone offers a hand and we refuse it because of pride or for fear that we may be asked for something in return.

The good book says that if you give freely, ten fold will be returned to you. Give and be opened to receiving. Accept the compliment with a warm thank you. Don’t be the one to stop the flow of giving.

The Power of Positive Thinking

For years I have believed in the Power of Positive Thinking. As a result good things have usually come my way.

I remember a scene in the movie The Secret where I guy talks about how he always thinks of a good parking spot and one always seems to be available to him. Well, that is what I have always done and probably 99% of the time I have always found a good spot. Ever since my son got his license to drive he has had the same thoughts and almost always that good parking spot manifests for him as well. It’s amazing.  Now, after the first trimester of the MKMMA experience I have learned that my Power of Positive Thinking experiences where one of the seven laws of the mind, the Law of Substitution.

I must confess however that the past few years things in my life have not been positive. I lost my job in Dec 2011 just a few weeks before Christmas (in fact it was this very week in 2011). As I shared on this forum a few posts back, it took me 2 years to find new employment. As I look back now I realize that even though outwardly I was expressing positive thinking, inwardly I was defeated and depressed. In my thoughts I did not express the positive attitude that I showed everyone else. I didn’t want my wife and friends to know just how scared I was.

I have come to realize through this MKMMA experience that even though I got a new job a year ago, mentally I was still in that bad place. The place of hopelessness.

Two years ago I started taking the Network Marketing business more seriously. I finally began having success. I reached the pin level needed to maximize the compensation plan. I had groups of people that were growing without my assistance. I hit the $20K per year level. A level that the average net-worker would love to achieve. But I just could not seem to go any higher and I blamed myself for that. Now I know by studying the Seven Laws of the Mind that I was still mentally back in December 2011 when I lost that job.

I have now began to see through this MKMMA experience that I can truly write my own destiny and now I understand the how and the why. Despite the success I was having I have been so depressed about my performance in Network Marketing that I had begun to give up. I knew that I could do much better than I had been doing but just did not know how. I had the skills needed to be a million dollar earner but lacked the mental focus needed.

I wasn’t “feeling the rain.”

Now thanks to Mark J and the whole MKMMA Team. I am beginning to “feel the rain” once again.

Thank You

Week 3 – Busy Busy Busy – Post 281

This week I have found it very difficult to stay on course. It seems as though everything is trying to block me from having success. I have had to fight “Murphy” every day this week. The chore card has been very helpful and I know what is going on it next week. I have always found it difficult to schedule my time but after watching Mark J’s “OATS” video multiple times I decided that scheduling my time  will be my goal for week 4 I especially like the idea of scheduling personal time first.

Deleting “will” from scroll one is a very interesting. It really brings the ideas to the first person present perspective instead of “some day” in the future. I found myself trying to eliminate “will” from my vocabulary anywhere possible.

Making a “movie trailer” of my DMP is even more difficult than coming up with the DMP in the first place but I can see where it will be useful especially if I meditate on the “movie trailer” version. Incorporating all the senses into the movie trailer will make it more real and plant the ideas deeper into the subbie..

Thinking about the future – Post 045

“If you do not think about the future, you cannot have one.” 
Journalist, John Gale

Your action for today is to spend 5 minutes thinking about one of your goals or dreams.

Have an extraordinary day!

Keith Abell, RPh MI
Pharmacist – Senior Executive Marketing Director