Dont Let Healthcare Layoffs Affect You – Post 225

I wanted to talk with you about some stories in the news recently. One of KY’s largest hospital providers made an announcement recently that it will be doing some layoffs as a result of the affordable care act. A couple days ago they finally released some figures on the cuts. They will be cutting about current 500 employees and will eliminate about 200 vacant jobs as well.

That got me looking into layoffs in the healthcare field in general.  I found that KYOne is not alone. A hospital chain in Las Vegas announced that they will lay off 40 nurses in addition to 100 other staff. The Cleveland clinic is eliminating 3,000 jobs. And it is estimated that the medical device sector will be losing about 33,000 jobs as a result of the affordable care act.

What is significant about this is in general the healthcare segment has been exempt from this type of cutback in previous down economies. In fact with the affordable care act, because of the increased number of people having access to healthcare one would expect the hospitals would need to be adding to their staffs. Predictions are that there will be a shortage of needed healthcare workers yet these hospital chains are cutting back. Primarily the cut backs are a result of the reduction in reimbursement expected under the affordable care act.

Healthcare isn’t the only sector announcing cutbacks in February of this year. According to government figures 65% of small business will see a significant spike in the premiums for their health insurance plans as a result of the affordable care act. This will affect the insurance of more than 11 million people.

The wall street journal says that 1 out of 6 men between 25 and 54 have no jobs right now. That is about 10.4 million people. They went on to report back in January that the actual unemployment rate hit a record 37.2%

So just how bleak is it really. Well I did a Google search of layoffs for 2014. Here are the ones that were announced just in Feb 2014.

KY State police – 20
Jefferson Co Teachers – 41
KY  Coal 700 more and one major coal producer is filing bankruptcy
United Airlines – 470
LATA Environmental in Paducah, they work with the nuclear industry – 120

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Highmark – 132
Keystone Health – 250
Teva – 5,000
HP – 34,000
IBM – 13,000
Intel – 10,000
Dell – 15,000
Lexmark – 275
Sony – 1,000
Wels Fargo 700
JP Morgan – 17,000
Barclays 12,000
Citi Group – 15,000
General Dynamics – 730
SC Johnson – 400
Sikorsky – 600
Bust Buy – 2000 managers
Sbarro closing 155 stores – 1400
Radio Shack closing 500 more stores
Wal-Mart – 2,300 Sams employees
JCPenny – 2,500
Target – 1175 (500 at corp)
Cox Communications – 600
Verizon – 5,000
Time Inc. – 500
CNN – 40 journalist
Sprint – 500
NY Post – 500
Tribune – 700
Dept. of Defense
6,272 civilians
100,000 Army
50,000 Marines

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How to get over your fear of economic insecurity. – Post 224

How to get over your fear of economic insecurity.

For many of us, our fear of being broke has kept us from truly following our passion. We don’t want to end up on the street, so we continue to work the assembly line, day in and day out, because it brings home a pay check and puts food on the table. This doesn’t sound like anybody’s dream job. Most of us want financial freedom and to run our own business, but how are we going to run our own business if we’re scared of failing, even worse, of losing everything?

The fear of economic insecurity is one that has kept many of us from chasing our dreams; especially if that dream is to run your own business. So, how will you ever rid yourself of this fear? Mastin Kipp, an entrepreneur and writer, had some great suggestions on how we can rid ourselves of our fear of economic insecurity, and take steps towards following our dreams.

First, he asks, how much risk can you comfortably live with? When starting your Youngevity business, many of you still continue to work your full-time job because you feel the risk is too high; maybe you have a family that depends on you, or other obligations that you need to weigh in. Others jump both feet in, knowing that the risk is great, but the payoff will be greater. You decide what you’re comfortable with and then go for it!

Additionally, Mastin Kipp asks you to remember when you were down the most and hit rock bottom; did you make it through and what fears did you have at that point? He also asks us to consider the consequences of not living your dream. What will your future be like and will you be happy? The thought of living a future where we are not happy and not doing what we love can be enough to get most of us going. After all, we all want to live a happy, debt-free life.

Therefore, what actions can you take to start getting over your fear of going broke? Some suggestions made by Mastin were to make a list of what you’re most scared of. Then, create an action plan to prevent failure and also backup plan of what you will do to get out of being broke in the case that you do fail.

What’s the worst thing that can happen if you follow your dreams?

Don’t let your fear of being broke stop you from working your own business and taking control of your future! Know that you will succeed when you follow the steps I follow working my home business. A simple system to give yourself financial freedom.

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