Week 1 – The Golden Buddha – Post 277

Golden BuddhaToday I started on a “Great Adventure.” It is a 6 month learning experience called the Master Keys Master Mind Alliance.  It is based on a 24 week correspondence course originally published in 1912 by Charles F Hannel called The Master Key System. Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, and W.Clement Stone were all students of this course and it greatly influenced each of their lives.

It is a course of authentic self discovery NOT a self help course. To start with we discussed dharma. Dharma is a Sanskrit word for purpose in life and the entire course is geared toward defining ones purpose.

To begin with one must understand that you were made for the best, by the Best. Now I capitalized the second “Best” because in my heart of heart the “Best” that created us is God.

Now when you were born all opportunity in the world is yours. In effect we are like pure gold, unblemished, without any outside prejudices. Unfortunately, over time we are influenced by many others outside of ourselves. These influencers include our parents and families, schools, governments, our peer’s, the business community including “advertisers.” They all cover you in cement and clay, like the Golden Buddha in the video. They cover up the true you that is within so you conform to, acquiesce to, the society around you. They use the Dragon (fear) to discourage you; to dissuade you from journeying too far from conventional thinking.

For us to have success and really achieve our dharma, our true purpose in life we must slay our dragons of false security. The false idols of the society outside of us.

There are so many books written on the subject of success and how to achieve it but most of them focus on physical actions for us to take in order to achieve the desired results. Conventional wisdom says that thought becomes belief. Belief then leads to action and action creates the desired results.

As a result, most people and most self help programs focus on taking massive action in order to achieve the desired results. Massive action without a corresponding change in thought in most cases leads to the same unwanted results and we fail. The world without (consciousness) is a reflection on the world within (the subconscious mind). The world within is where all the power for change is. The world within has the power to generate courage, hope, enthusiasm, confidence, trust, faith. Unfortunately it also has the power to generate fear, hopelessness, indifference, pessimism, doubt and skepticism.
The subconscious mind (circled in the diagram) makes decisions seven seconds before the conscious mine is even aware. The subconscious mind can’t differentiate between real and perceived feelings. We can therefore change the belief of the subconscious mind by learning ways to reprogram it using vivid, lifelike feelings and experiences through our imaginations. Denis Waitley, in the Psychology of Winning, discusses how the subconscious mind of athletes, when connected to brain wave equipment, could not tell the difference between actually participating in their sports or vividly visualizing themselves participating in the same activities.
Gain is a result of an accumulation of consciousness. Loss is a result of scattered consciousness. Most people live with scattered consciousness; they only react to the randomness of the environment around them. The universe moves toward chaos. We can order our universe, focusing our consciousness by reprogramming our beliefs. To do this we have to focus on the feelings that are feeding those beliefs. Once we change our beliefs we automatically take the actions necessary to achieve the desired results. 
Keith Abell, RPh MI