Week 11 – Not Getting Wet Anymore – Post 302

Some-people-feel-the-rain-others-just-get-wet-positive-pictures“Some people feel the rain. Most people just get wet.” – Bob Marley

I don’t know why but when I came across that quote today it just reminded me of my MKMMA journey. For years I have been living my life, just getting wet. I never once stopped to reflect on what is around me nor questioning why. I’ve just been living the routine. Get up. Go to work on my 40 x 40 plan. Working for 40 years at 40 hours per week only to retire on 40% of what I couldn’t afford. Spending no where near enough time with family or doing the things I would rather be doing.

Sure I questioned there had to be a better way. I even took some action and started a home business to find the better way but I was still on that treadmill going nowhere fast. It wasn’t until I joined this MKMMA experience that I began to realize that there was truly a better way and that better way can be found within me.

By concentrating on the seven laws of the mind I discovered that a whole new world is out there. A world that is ready to be explored. I realized that in addition to the seven laws of the mind, there are other laws of the universe or laws of physics that are in play in my life. By just becoming aware of these laws and understanding them I could utilize them for my advantage.

The law of perpetual motion.

In physics we learned that an object in motion stays in motion until acted on by something else. I realize that the law of giving follows this same basic principle of perpetual motion. When you give you will receive. The problem with most of us is we give but we don’t believe that we are worthy to receive so we don’t except it.

Someone pays us a complement, we reject it because we are taught to be humble and act with humility.

Someone offers a hand and we refuse it because of pride or for fear that we may be asked for something in return.

The good book says that if you give freely, ten fold will be returned to you. Give and be opened to receiving. Accept the compliment with a warm thank you. Don’t be the one to stop the flow of giving.

The Power of Positive Thinking

For years I have believed in the Power of Positive Thinking. As a result good things have usually come my way.

I remember a scene in the movie The Secret where I guy talks about how he always thinks of a good parking spot and one always seems to be available to him. Well, that is what I have always done and probably 99% of the time I have always found a good spot. Ever since my son got his license to drive he has had the same thoughts and almost always that good parking spot manifests for him as well. It’s amazing.  Now, after the first trimester of the MKMMA experience I have learned that my Power of Positive Thinking experiences where one of the seven laws of the mind, the Law of Substitution.

I must confess however that the past few years things in my life have not been positive. I lost my job in Dec 2011 just a few weeks before Christmas (in fact it was this very week in 2011). As I shared on this forum a few posts back, it took me 2 years to find new employment. As I look back now I realize that even though outwardly I was expressing positive thinking, inwardly I was defeated and depressed. In my thoughts I did not express the positive attitude that I showed everyone else. I didn’t want my wife and friends to know just how scared I was.

I have come to realize through this MKMMA experience that even though I got a new job a year ago, mentally I was still in that bad place. The place of hopelessness.

Two years ago I started taking the Network Marketing business more seriously. I finally began having success. I reached the pin level needed to maximize the compensation plan. I had groups of people that were growing without my assistance. I hit the $20K per year level. A level that the average net-worker would love to achieve. But I just could not seem to go any higher and I blamed myself for that. Now I know by studying the Seven Laws of the Mind that I was still mentally back in December 2011 when I lost that job.

I have now began to see through this MKMMA experience that I can truly write my own destiny and now I understand the how and the why. Despite the success I was having I have been so depressed about my performance in Network Marketing that I had begun to give up. I knew that I could do much better than I had been doing but just did not know how. I had the skills needed to be a million dollar earner but lacked the mental focus needed.

I wasn’t “feeling the rain.”

Now thanks to Mark J and the whole MKMMA Team. I am beginning to “feel the rain” once again.

Thank You

Week 5 – Habit of Failure? I think not! – Post 284

This post is much longer than most of my posts on this blog or any of the others that I operate but I felt the need to get this off my chest. I apologize for the length but as everything else with this course so far I find it therapeutic to say what I have to say, get it out and behind me so I can move on.

I want to start off my post today with a paraphrase of something that Mark J. has said over and over in this course so far. If you do not intend to do a thing, do not start; if you do start, see it through even if the heavens fall . . . if we start something and do not complete it we are forming the habit of failure. It would be better to not have started it in the first place. That is such a profound statement and one that has troubled me this week as a face a serious struggle with my journey at this point. The deeper I dig into the Mastermind system the more I am being attacked by forces without to knock me off this course and it is increasingly difficult to set the sail and stay the course.

Let me back up a little bit and tell you a little about myself so you can understand where I am at this point in my life.

I have always been a very driven person. I always looked for a way to improve my circumstances and have always stepped up to the plate and done what it takes to achieve my goals. I never let outside forces turn me away from the end goal. As a teenager I had several friends that abused alcohol and they always tried to get me to join them in their drinking.  The more they pushed the more I resisted. The same thing with drugs, when the peer pressure became too strong I sought out new peers to associate with. I was determined not to go down that proverbial rabbit hole.

In my junior year of high school I became interested in marketing through a co-op program. I got a job in my senior year in a struggling upscale department store in a poor area of town. Of all things I was hired into the housewares dept. Fine china, crystal, small appliances, that sort of thing. Products that most 16 to 17 year old high school boys including myself never dealt with much less ever bought or sold.

I knew nothing but I took the skills I learned in class and created visually appealing displays, used lighting and mirrors to increase the sparkle and most importantly, I engaged the customers to find out what types of products they would like to buy to give as gifts for weddings and other special events and then went out of my way to be sure I had those things on hand even if I had to bypass the corporate types that wouldn’t send me those products because it didn’t fit their demographic data. Many times I had to get the products from other stores in our chain in the upscale neighborhoods to put them on my shelves. Within a year I had that department turning a profit, the only department in our entire store (other than shoes) that was in the black.

Once I graduated from high school I got a job at a fortune 100 company, AT&T. I was hired into the residential collections department where my job was to call residential customers and tell them that we were going to cut their phone service off if they didn’t pay their bills. I worked hard and quickly worked my way into the business marketing dept. I was being fast tracked into their management training program when a judge decided Ma Bell was too large and broke the company’s monopoly up. As a result I lost my first corporate job.

I bounced back quickly holding several other jobs of varying types in the marketing world until my wife and I had our first child. I began looking for something that would have a more steady income than what commissioned sales offered. I discovered an area of healthcare that sounded interesting. All the numbers pointed toward high income. Aging population, retirement of the current workforce, more females entering the workforce that only wanted part time employment to work around family obligations, these all pointed to a major shortage in full time workers to meet the demand.

The only big obstacle was the college degree. There were 400 to 500 people applying for less than 100 seats in the professional degree program. You had to complete 2 years of college, score high on an entrance exam and maintain a higher than average GPA to even be considered. There were no guarantees that I would get in after spending 2 years of time and money on the prep work but I took the chance. I worked full time, went to school full time and still managed to get into the program.

I graduated from that program in 1995 and have experienced an unbelievable income, much more than I ever anticipated when I started that journey. I found that I was not happy in the healthcare field. I worked 12 hour days with no breaks or lunch. As a management employee I put in 50, 60, sometimes as much as 80 hours per week to help keep stores open when there wasn’t enough of us to fill all the spots. I wasn’t happy or fulfilled but I continued to do that work because there was nowhere else that I was going to make the income I was making.

Then in 2011 everything changed. A couple weeks before Christmas someone from our corporate headquarters came in and told me that my services where no longer needed. At 50 years old I found myself unemployed and things where about to get worse. You see the major shortage in my field had suddenly become an overabundance of us. More and more Universities started offering the degree and the existing ones doubled their class sizes. Moreover the new graduates where coming out with Doctorate degrees and nearly two hundred grand in debt and willing to work for any amount of money. At the peak of my career I earned nearly two hundred thousand a year and now these new graduates where being hired in at a fraction of that. The real shocker wasn’t the major difference in income however. The real shocker for me is I suddenly found myself unemployable. No one would even consider me for employment with only a bachelor’s degree when there are so many candidates coming out of school with doctorate degrees and even residencies on top of that.

It took me two years to find another position in my field. Two years out of work messes with your psyche. As I discovered through this Master Key course, I once was a magnetic person. I could do anything I put my mind to. Even through the two years off work I pushed very hard to maintain that

A year ago I landed a new job. I also started my network marketing career. Actually started isn’t the right word since I had already been involved in 14 companies and failed. I guess the right word is I finally started taking it seriously. For the first time I actually built the business up to making profit and finally having belief that network marketing really was the answer for me. I built the business up to the point that I was able to save enough to replace my car and make some significant headway on getting us back on track after two years out of work.

As fast as I was building up my business however I was losing people. My business was not duplicating. If I had to work extra hours on my job I would notice that my sales volume dropped in the same periods. I have never had any help, never really had an up-line sponsor take me by the hand and teach me what to do. I felt alone, much like what Mark J expressed in his own life experiences.

I know that network marketing is the answer for me. I know that I can never trust corporate America for a living again. It can be taken away in an instant. Besides network marketing is more in line with what I have always known. It’s what I want to succeed at more than anything I have ever attempted in my life. When I started having setbacks I began to notice that I was also losing a lot of what I thought was self-esteem, what Mark J called magnetism. My last hope.

I know to succeed I need two things. I need to work on myself and I need someone to teach me what to, as Mark says, what to say and what to do. So a few months ago when I learned about Mark and Davene I knew right away that I needed this MKMMA program to get my mind back where it used to be. I also knew I needed the Go90Grow program so I can finally gain the skills to build a duplicating organization.

When I applied to master key and got it I was ecstatic and so far the course has been everything I had hoped for and likewise I have been looking forward to the Go90Grow to finally learn the skills that I need to make network marketing work. The skills that will get me completely away from my JOB before October 2017 as stated in my DMP.

I am now facing a major dilemma. I am determined not to give up because I am going to overcome the habit of loss that I have been working from these last few years. The dilemma I am facing is since I started this course is my finances have been under attack by Murphy. All the income we have managed to save for emergencies this past year has been completely wiped out. As it stands today I don’t currently have the funds for the go90grow course before it sells out. Not only that but I don’t currently have the funds to continue the MKMMA program either.

Now I am not and have never been a pessimistic person. I wholeheartedly believe in the law of attraction and have had it work for me many times in the past. I have always looked at the bright side of every situation and I know that everything will work out in the end. The law will bring to me what I need and in due time.

I will not quit this course. I am going to do every assignment that has been given this week as suggested. I am not going to operate form the habit of failure. I am not going to quit. This MKMMA program and the Go90Grow program may be taken from me and if so, so be it but I am not quitting and I am no longer operating from a quitter mentality. If I have too I will take what I learned so far and continue on my own studying the remainder of the books without the benefit of this forum and I will continue on my own attempting to learn everything I can about network marketing as well. I will not quit. I will not ad that habit to the other bad habits in my life.